Tableau Navigation Tutorial

In this tutorial, we discussed about the various choices available by tableau navigation for improved report functionality and show; these options, in addition, support us in making better and far more attractive displays.

We’ll go over the ranges of abilities of tableau navigation in such an application. On the operating tableau workplace, you have the menu at the top, which shows all of the rules we may investigate. We will start a clear workout manual and go through each category to get an awareness of different main features.



Menu Commands


Tableau Navigation allows users to migrate from one dashboards to the other, through one worksheet to the other, and from one narrative to the other, all inside the same worksheet.

On the top menu of Tableau, we have seen several options. Navigational controls are what they’re called. In this tutorial, we’ll go over the various navigational options and buttons available in the Tableau dashboard. The following are the key navigating features:

  1. File menu
  2. Data menu
  3. Worksheet menu
  4. Dashboard menu
  5. Story menu
  6. Analysis menu
  7. Map menu
  8. Format menu

File Menu

File Menu

To establish a new Tableau worksheet, select the File Menu. This may also open existent worksheets from the local machine as well as Tableau server. The File menu’s most important elements are:

  • New: It’s used to make a brand-new file.
  • Open: This command is being used to open a file that has been previously saved.
  • Save: As that the name implies, this option saves the file.
  • Workbook Locale: This option is used to specify the report’s language.
  • Paste Sheets: This feature allows you to copy sheets through one worksheet and paste them into another.
  • Package Workbook Extract: This option is used to create a packaged workbook that can be shared with other users.
  • Page setup: This action is used to set up a page.

Data Menu

The Data Menu assists there in establishment of a new data provider for analyzing and visualizing. With the guidance of a Data menu, the customer could modify and upgrading existing data source. The following are the key aspects of the Data menu:

  • New Data Source: It can be used to explore and select from across all kinds of accessible connectivity.
  • Refresh Full Retrieves: As the name implies, this command is used to update information from the source.
  • Edit Connections: This tool is used to join fields from many data sources.
  • Alternate data source: This is a term used to describe sections that have many information hotspots for connectivity.

Worksheet Menu

The Worksheet Menu makes it easy to create a new worksheet as well as access several display options such as revealing the headline and descriptions. The Worksheet menu’s key elements are:

Worksheet Menu
  • Create a new worksheet: This option is used to create a new worksheet.
  • View Summary: Like the name implies, this option enables the user to see an overview of the worksheet’s data.
  • Tooltip: Whenever clicking over different data sections, it displays a tooltip.
  • Run Update: This function aids in the updating of worksheets data or any filters that have been applied.

Dashboard Menu

The Dashboard Menu assists in the creation of a new dashboard as well as other displayed characteristics such as displaying the headline and importing the graphics, among others. The Dashboard menu’s key features are:

Dashboard menu
  • Format: It determines how the dashboard is organized out in terms of colours and divisions.
  • Actions: It allows you to link the dashboard panels to other pages or external URLs.
  • Export Image: This option is used to extract the Dashboard’s images.

Story Menu

The Tale Menu assists in the creation of a new stories using sheets and dashboards containing relevant data. The Story menu’s key elements are:

Story Menu
  • Format: It aids in the structuring of the storyline in terms of colours and parts.
  • Run Update: This command refreshes the storyline with the most recent information from the data sources.
  • Export Image: It facilitates in the exporting of the story’s pictures.
  • Look backwards/forwards: Looking at prior worksheets can be beneficial.

Analysis Menu

The Analysis Menu assists in the analysis of data on a Tableau sheet. Tableau provides a lot of unique abilities, such as measuring percentages and forecasting. The following are the key aspects of the Analysis menu:

Analysis Menu
  • Forecast: It can be used to display a prediction based on the information present.
  • Trend Lines: It can be used to display a sequence of data’s trend line.
  • Create Calculating Sector: This command is used to generate new areas based on estimates performed on existing industries.
  • Percentage: This is a mathematical term that is used to determine the percentage of the any dataset.
  • Special value: It facilitates the insertion of a unique value.

Map Menu

Map Menu is used to create map layouts in Tableau, as the name suggests. Fields in the supplied data provider can be assigned geographic responsibilities by the users. The Map menu’s key elements are as follows:

Map Menu
  • Map Layers: It covers and shows spatial information such as street names, nation borders, and so on.
  • Geocoding: It assists in the creation of new geographic responsibilities and their assignment to geographic elements in a data source.
  • Background picture: This image is used to create a background for the image.

Format Menu

The Format Menu can be used to apply numerous styling settings to the dashboard in order to improve its appearance. It has numerous characteristics such as borders, colours, text layout, and so on. The Format menu’s key features are:

Format Menu
  • Borders: It’s used to create borders around the report’s sections.
  • Title & Caption: It’s used to provide the report a headline and a description.
  • Cell Size: This option allows you to change the size of the cells.
  • Workbook Theme: It gives the entire workbook a storyline.
  • Typeface: This option determines the font used in the workbook.

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