Tableau Introduction

Tableau is Business Intelligence tool which is used to analyzing and simplification of complex data. Mostly it is used to create Business Intelligence report. There is no any Programming skills are required so it is easy to learn.

Tableau was created with the goal of creating a business solution that was incredibly responsive and simple to use. Tableau is the smart platform which enables businesses to move rapidly and in a way that clients and consumers can easily understand. It’s a business framework that’s extremely scalable, easy to install, and effective.

Use of Tableau

Following are the reasons why we use tableau

  • Data Science’s ultimate competence.
  • User-Friendly.
  • Easily apply to any business and get benefit from this.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • No requirement of programming.
  • The community is vast.
  • Keep data’s power in your hands.
  • It makes the Data Reporting simpler and describe.

Tableau Features

  • Data Blending:

    Data binding is the key feature of Tableau. Whenever we aggregate linked data from many data sources that we wish to examine in a single view and display in the shape of a graphs, then use it.

  • Real-time analysis:

    When the Velocity is high and real-time data analysis is difficult, proper analysis allows users to swiftly interpret and evaluate dynamic data. Tableau’s engaging analytics will help businesses extract useful information from rapidly datasets.

  • Data Collaboration:

    Data analysis isn’t really a short – term process. Tableau was created with cooperation in mind. Team members to share data, run follow-up enquiries, and send easy-to-understand visuals to those who might find the information useful. It is vital to succeed that everyone grasp the information and can examine the implications.

  • Tableau’s Storyboarding function facilitates in the creation of senior management briefings and identity visuals.

Tableau History

Pat Hanrahan, Christian Chabot, and Chris Stolte, all of Stanford University, established Tableau in 2003. Its primary goal is to make business database industry more responsive and informative.

Tableau launched at a time when established enterprises including as Cognos, Microsoft Excel, Business Objects, and others were already well-known. With a current market value of $3.8 billion, it has moved up the professional ladder.

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