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    Frequently Asked Top 25WordPress Interview Questions and Answers in 2022.

    People today are more likely to design visually pleasing and engaging websites for their businesses in order to attract in prospective customers. This issue is resolved for you by the WordPressContent Management System (CMS), a free, open-source CMS that enables simple web content management on the website. WordPress makes it simpler to publish the website since it gives life to our thoughts.

    The WordPress community has developed into one of the most helpful and friendly online right now. Thousands of websites using WordPress as the site’s content management system (the list includes news, updates, resources, tutorials, and training). WordPress powers about 46% of websites on the internet and 60% of websites using content management systems. WordPress is widely used as the industry standard across website builders since it is free and extremely user-friendly.

    Q1. What is WordPress?

    WordPress is a GPL-licensed content management system (CMS) that is open source software.

    It enables users to build dynamic websites, extending from e-commerce to blog posts. WordPress 5.5.3 is the most recent official version as of October 2020. It is available for free, no strings attached, to download at https://wordpress.org/latest.zip.

    Q2. Why WordPress is so popular?

    WordPress’ qualities are the reason it is so well-liked. It is the world’s most widely used content management system (CMS). Due to its popularity, it is the first option for everyone who wants to establish a website. It is one of several PHP/MySQL content management systems that enables content editors to update and publishHTMLdocuments to a server rather than using a web – based interface to administer their websites.

    Q3. List some features of WordPress.

    More than 28% of the web is hosted by WordPress, and this percentage is growing. WordPress is used to create everything including conventional webpages and blogs to complicated platforms, business websites, and even programs.

    Here are some of the features of WordPress.

    • It is Simplicity.
    • Easier publishing tools.
    • Search Engine Optimized.
    • User Management.
    • Media Management.
    • Easy Theme System.
    • Easy Extendability with Plugins.
    • Multilingual Support.
    • Easy Installation and Upgrades.
    • Multilingual Support.
    • Built-in Comments System.
    • Custom Content Types.

    Q4. What is a plugin in WordPress? List plugin that comes with WordPress.

    A piece of code called a “WordPress Plugin” is designed to add to and/or enhance the functionality of an established WordPress website.

    WordPress’s core is intended to be thin and lightweight, maximising flexibility and reducing coding complexity. Then, with the use of extensions, each user may individually customize his site to suit their unique requirements.

    The list of plugins that are included with WordPress installation is shown below.

    • Akismet
    • Hello Dolly

    Q5. What is the difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org?

    It all depends on who hosts our website. YOU host your website or blog with org. You may get open source software from this page. They host for you at -com.

    Q6. Is WordPress.com More Secure than WordPress.org? Why?

    Yes. WordPress.com has a network and a staff that monitor security standards, making it safer then WordPress.org. On the other hand, if we use WordPress.org, overall dependency on the hosting service will be greater. Make sure the server maintains gold level security requirements if you’re utilizing WordPress.org.

    Q7. What are the differences between Posts and Pages?

    There are two content kinds in WordPress:


    The most recent posts are presented at the top of a timed consecutive list of posts. Posts are encouraged to be published and discussed.


    An about us, contact us, etc. page is an example of static material on a page. They are timeless and irreversible entries.Posts and Pages are the two content types in WP.

    Q8. How to display menu in WordPress?

    Use wp_nav_menu() to tell the themes wherever to show the menus once registering properly. For presenting the registering header-menu, users may add the following script:


    wp_nav_menu( array $args = array(
       'menu' => "",
       'menu_class' => "",
       'menu_id' => "",
       'container' => "",
       'container_class' => "",
       'container_id' => "",
       'fallback_cb' => "",
       'before' => "",
       'after' => "",
       'link_before' => "",
       'link_after' => "",
       'echo' => "",
       'depth' => "",
       'walker' => "",
       'theme_location' => "",
       'items_wrap' => "",
       'item_spacing' => "",
    ) );
    // These are the parameters od this function.

    Q9. How to create custom Post in WordPress?

    The new post kinds which developers may create in WordPress are called custom post categories. The register_post_type() method may be used to add a custom post type, which is allowing developers to specify the new post type’s labeling, characteristics, and accessibility.

    Q10. What do you mean by WordPress Hooks?

    In WordPress, users can probably utilize a hook whenever we want to change or edit something. WordPress hooks provide us the ability to change a procedure’s behaviour without changing the core WordPress files. Users may change or add new features to WordPress with hooks without changing the core files.

    Q11. What is an action hook?

    A WordPress action hook enables user to perform an action at an exact point whenever WordPress is operating. This can involve actions like adding a widget while WordPress is starting up or tweeting whenever a post is published.

    Q12. What is a filter hook?

    Before WordPress data is delivered to the database or the browser, users may retrieve it using a filter hook. Examples of filtering include adding some unique code at the conclusion of a blog post or headlines, or changing how extracts are represented.

    Q13. What are disadvantages of WordPress?

    Following are the disadvantages of WordPress:

    • It is Using a lot of plugins might make the website slow to run and heavier.
    • It is only makes use of PHP.
    • Loss of data might occasionally result from updates, therefore users should always have a restore point.
    • It is challenging to edit tables and photos.

    Q14. What is the difference between installing and activating a theme?

    A theme that has been installed only makes up the theme library and is accessible to activation, but a theme that has been activated is what governs our website.

    Q15. Which ‘meta box’ is not hidden by default on Post and Page screens?

    The meta box labelled “Featured Image” is displayed by standard on the Post and Page displays.

    Q16. What are Importers in WordPress?

    Manufacturers are WordPress extensions that offer the ability to massively import an XML file with just about any number of rows. It permits the import of data from the XML file for Posts, Pages, Custom Posts, and Users.

    Q17. What do you mean by the custom field in WordPress?

    Post meta is another name for custom fields. WordPress has a feature called post meta that enables post producers to include more details as they are creating the content. WordPress saves this data as key-value pairs on metadata. If necessary, users may use theme attributes in the WordPress themes to show this information in the future.

    Q18. How to run database Query on WordPress?

    We can run any SQL query on the WordPress database using the query function. It works well when complicated, customized, or other kinds of SQL queries are required. Check out the other wpdb methods mentioned above, such as get_results, get_var, get_row, or get_col, for simpler queries like picking data from a table.


    < ?php $wpdb->query(‘query’); ?>

    Q19. How to display error messages during development in WordPress?

    To have WordPress display problem warnings. Open the WP_DEBUG constant variable and set it to true in the WordPresswp-cofig.php file.

    WP_DEBUG is a PHP constant in WordPress that may be used to activate the “debug” mode throughout the whole website.

    Q20. What is a custom field in WordPress?

    WordPress’s custom field is a type of meta-data that enables users to insert any kind of data into posts. Additional information may be contributed to the WordPress post that use the custom field.

    Q21. What is widgets in WordPress?

    Widgets are compact blocks in WordPress that carry out particular tasks. In sidebars, several widget kinds are accessible. Widgets were initially created to offer a simple means of designing and organizing the WordPress theme.

    Q22. How to edit the contents of a page in WordPress?

    • Enter the WordPress administration area.
    • Click “Post” and then “All Posts” to modify a post. To edit a post, locate it and make the necessary modifications. Press Publish.
    • Click “Pages” in the left column menu and then “All Pages” if you are editing a page. Make modifications to the page you wish to alter by finding it. Press Publish.

    Q23. What are config files in WordPress?

    WordPress’s fundamental file is wp-config.php. This file includes details about the databases, including its name, account, passwords, and host (typically localhost). Basic information is used by WordPress to store and access database data, including user, posting, and setting variables. Wp-config.php is not present in the WordPress downloading packages by default. A file with the name wp-config-sample.php that may be changed to wp-config.php is included in the package.

    Q24. Explain avatar and gravatar in WordPress.

    Putting a face to the material can help our visitors connect and become more engaged on WordPress blogs or company websites. An avatar, a photo that serves as their online identity, is a useful tool for doing this. Users can learn more about you and your brand by interacting with an avatar on the website. WordPress gives its users pictures using Gravatar. Globally Recognized Avatar is known as Gravatar. Users of the Gravatar platform can upload a picture and utilize it as their avatar on different websites. Along with comments, postings, and other website actions, Gravatar photos are shown.

    Q25. Describemeta tags?

    HTML code fragments known as meta tags, which are used to identify the content of a website or a particular webpage. These details are used by search engines to identify the subject matter of a webpage and to give the material that appears in search results. While meta descriptions are still featured in search engine results, they significantly increase CTRs (Click-Through Rates).

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