Download and Installation process of Tableau

Tableau could be downloaded for just a 14-day free trial from the official site, and with a one-year free edition offered to students.

Tableau can be accessed in two different ways:

  • Tableau Public (Free)
  • Tableau Desktop (Commercial)

Tableau Public

  • Tableau Public is an available as an open data visualization tool.
  • Tableau’s public data source supports Excel as well as Text files.
  • Tableau public is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X.
  • As Tableau public is open to the general public so data and visualizations are not protected.
  • Tableau public simply allows users to import Excel and Text files, therefore users won’t be able to access information from other sources.

Tableau Desktop

  • Tableau Desktop is a premium account service that costs $35 monthly for the individual edition and $70 monthly for the business edition.
  • Whatever required data file, includes database, web services, and much more, can be connected to Tableau desktop source of data.
  • Tableau Desktop may be installed on both Windows and Mac computers.
  • Tableau desktop protects data and visualizations.
  • Tableau desktop could collect data from a variety of sources and save it as a Tableau extracts file.
  • At the Business and Enterprise levels, Tableau Desktop makes advantage of the information.

Installation Process of Tableau Desktop with Step by Step.


First of all we can Go to official website on our Web browser and check.

Tableau desktop’s free of cost personal version can be obtained at Tableau desktop. To also be option to download tableau, users must first register with the website.

Following the download, the installation is a simple procedure in which you must accept the license agreement and provide the target environment to the installation. The installation process is described in detail in the systematic development and screenshots.


Select the ‘Try Now’ option.


Now, type in your email address and select the ‘Free Download Trials’ option.


As defaults, it will begin downloading the.exe file for a Windows system.


Tap the ‘Run’ option after opening the downloaded file.


Accept the license terms before pressing the ‘Install’ option.


A pop-up notice will appear on the screen, requesting the administrator’s option to access the Tableau software. After you click ‘yes’ to accept it, the installation process will begin.


Launch the Tableau desktop software after the setup is finished.


Register yourself to the registration window and click to Activate Tableau.


Wait for the registration process to be completed.


Tableau Desktop’s starting display.

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