Difference between Power BI and Tableau

At a time when data analytics and visualizations are now becoming extremely important, Power BI and Tableau seem to be the most widely used data analytics applications in the industry. Many businesses are choosing which one of these technologies to implement into their company models in order to stay ahead of the competition.


Tableau seems to be a prominent Data Analytics and Business Intelligence application that businesses use to gain a better understanding of their operations through data analysis. Tableau is well-known for its opportunity to link to a wide range of sources and deliver comprehensive data visuals in a short amount of time. Tableau customers may also collect, analyze, and organize their data before creating visualization tools that businesses can use to get meaningful insights.

Power BI

Microsoft Power BI seems to be a data analytics and business intelligence platform that can help advanced businesses develop a data-driven strategy. This BI application includes a number of self-service insights that could be used to conveniently gather, organize, evaluate, and exchange information in the workplace. Microsoft Power BI provides large number of data visualizations as well as end-to-end data integrity.


Tableau Power BI
Tableau is more costlier than Power BI. Tableau Studio costs $70 per month per user. The cost of a yearly Tableau Pro subscription is more than USD 1000. When comparing to Tableau, Power BI is less expensive. The cost of an annual subscription to Power BI Pro will just be roughly $100. Due to financial limits, startups frequently choose Power BI rather Tableau and then move to Tableau as needed.
In the field of data visualization, Tableau is unrivalled. It allows designers to create customized dashboards that are compatible with a variety of devices. Power BI provides simple drag-and-drop capabilities for creating visually appealing visualizations within reports and dashboards.
When it refers to implementation flexibility, Tableau takes the lead because it offers more virtualized and on-premises alternatives. Tableau performs effectively when large amounts of data are uploaded to the cloud. Power BI is available in both on-premises and cloud editions, with Azure being the only cloud option. Power BI’s versatility is restricted as a result of this.
Tableau is better at handling massive datasets than Power BI. When there is a huge amount of information, Tableau shines. As a result, Tableau is recommended whenever the uses case involves a large data source. When dealing with large amounts of data, Power BI has a potential to delay. Whenever there is a massive data warehouse, performance decreases.
Whenever it concerns to communicating with customers about data, Tableau leads Power BI. This means that Tableau has a considerably greater amount of data with which to operate. When comparing to Tableau, Power BI doesn’t have as much capability.
Tableau has a small advantage over Power BI when it comes to somewhat diverging integrating. It integrates to a variety of databases, including Hadoop datasets. Tableau also automatically generates its resource. Hadoop databases are not compatible with Power BI. Google Analytics, Azure, and Salesforce are all well-integrated.
Tableau works considerably better with R. The R integration with Power BI is not really the best. To link to R, you’ll have to use an additional application called Microsoft Revolution Analytics, which is only accessible to corporate users.
Tableau is most usually used to build customized dashboards with attractive layouts and a user-friendly interfaces. Both programmes have an interactive experience that makes them simple to use. In comparison to Tableau, Power BI is significantly easier to understand and have a much more straightforward design. Because of its accessibility of use and flexibility, enterprises choose Power BI to Tableau.

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