MySQL Introduction

Mysql is an Open Source Relational Database which supports SQL query. How data will be stored is decided by Mysql Engine. Mysql provides full flexibility while choosing Mysql engines. MySQL tutorial provide the basic and advanced concepts of MySQL. It is the relational database management system (RDMS) which is based on Structured Query Language (SQL). It is the one of the most popular language which is used to managing and accessing the database records. It is open source and free software which is supported by Oracle Company.

In MySQL tutorial covers all aspects of the MySQL database, including how to manage the database and modify data using SQL queries. Insert records, update records, delete records, select records, create tables, drop tables, and so on are examples of these queries. MySQL interview questions are also provided to help people understand better the MySQL database.


The database is used to store data; in other words, it is an application that stores a collection of connected data. Static files can also be used to store the data, but the difficulty is that storing, managing, and accessing data is slow and complicated; consequently, using a database management system is a viable solution. There are several types of database management systems, each with its own set of APIs for storing and managing data. There are many other database are available today i.e. SQL, DBMS, Mongo DB, etc.

Types of Database

There are 4 types of Database are available:

  • Relational Database Management Systems
  • Hierarchical Database Management Systems
  • Network Database Management Systems
  • Object-oriented Database Management Systems

MySQL is one of the best database management system (DBMS) now days are use which is supported by Oracle Company. In comparison of Oracle Database and Microsoft SQL server, it is fast, scalable and easy to use DBMS. It is helpful to creating powerful and dynamic server-side or web-based enterprise applications.

Features of MySQL Database

Following are the Key features of MySQL:

  • Open-source –

    MySQL is an open-source license. So we get it free nothing to pay to use it.

  • Implemented language –

    MySQL Written in C, C++.

  • Powerful –

    MySQL handles a large subset of the data with the functionality of the most powerful database packages. So it makes MySQL is a very powerful program.

  • SQL data language –

    MySQL uses a standard database language that is SQL data language, which is commonly used in most of the database. So it compatible with other databases also.

  • • Operating systems –

    On many operating systems the MySQL works with many languages like C, C++, PHP, PERL, JAVA, and so on.

  • Large data sets –

    With large data sets MySQL works well and even very fast.

  • Web development –

    MySQL can also be used in web applications as it is working with PHP and most web development languages.

  • Supports large databases –

    MySQL works with large databases. The default file size limit for a table is 4GB, which can be increased depending on the operating system, up to 50 million rows or more in a table.

  • Multi-layered design –

    MySQL is a multi-layered server design with independent modules. As it is fully multithreaded by using kernel threads, it uses multiple CPUs if they are available.

  • Client/server environment –

    MySQL Server works in embedded or client/server systems.

Use of MySQL
  • Mysql is used by Wikipedia, Facebook, Google, Flickr, YouTube, and all famous companies.
  • WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and all Content Management Systems (CMS) uses MySQL.
  • In developing a website as well uses MySQL.
  • MySQL is very popular as the most secure and reliable database management system. It is used in many popular web applications such as WordPress, Facebook, etc.
  • MySQL assures an uptime of 24*7; it also has a wide range of high availability solutions.
  • MySQL can be implemented on many platforms such as Linux, MAC, Windows.
  • MySQL is scalable and can handle a huge amount of data.

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