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Project managers have spent days tracking the tasks from start to finish with sticky notes and whiteboards. During these days, several teams are preparing and evaluating the implementation of the project during Kanban online tools, open to all. Kanban tools allow teams to solve their problems by allocating time, energy, and money. They also help people track project completion activities and actions. Since this is so useful for visualizing projects, many of Kanban’s most common methods for project management use a bigger, more complicated framework. You can use the list of the top vendors below to start shopping for a Kanban tool or use this product comparison method to find the right program for your needs for a free list of project management.

Kanban Tools

Kanban Tools are given as follows:

  1. Scrumwise

    Scrumwise is a Kanban integrated project management tool. It is designed by teams to follow up on sprints using a card and board visualizations to easily monitor and report dependencies and time constraints. Kanban features can be found in the tool through projects and independent boards. Integrate the GitHub account in Scrumwise to add data to your commitments or link to the API to remotely edit and update details. As all data changes are in real-time, the team does not waste a lot of time updating sites.

  2. Volerro

    Volerro is a tool for project management that allows you to view the workflows in Kanban and agile contexts. By using Calendar System to schedule and delegate tasks without overloading to individuals. Connect any documents to tasks or projects of yours, then Volerro converts them to HTML5 so that everyone can access their properties in a browser directly. Volerro offers in-app messaging that lets the team stay linked and interact where the work takes place. Dashboards show progress towards the target for all the projects and the whole team. Check this one with up to three projects free of charge.

  3. Kanbanery

    You can create templates to copy workflows and delegate tasks to subsequent new projects for your personalized boards. Every task card provides many ways of tracking progress: note, due dates, and lists. Real-time updates happen and alerts do not distract you from your increased workload. Send your data between tools and automatically update your Kanbanery boards with the GitHub, device, and API integrations. You can track the workflow and define bottleneck from start to finish using advanced reporting tools. Kanbanery is offered in different pricing plans, but smaller teams can be expensive.

  4. PlanviewLeankit

    Leankit upgrades the base Kanban board with horizontal swimming lanes to explain simultaneous project objectives. While most of the tools from Kanban retain the traditional vertical rows to denote moves, from a single view, Leankit allows you to see dependency and parallel projects. Every project phase is versatile so that you can adapt to the needs of your project. Leankit allows you to view overviews and analytical data for each team project, and the native mobile app includes all features. You can have to do comparison shopping to find the features, integrations, and rates that you like. Leankit rates their plans per customer on many different levels. There is a free 30-day trial without a credit card.

  5. Yodiz

    Created to execute agile projects, Yodiz uses “Scrumban” views. This gives the team a summary and a zoom in on activities when monitoring parallel workflows on swimming lanes. The main features of Yodiz are its integrations that support Zendesk, Atlassian products, and GitHub, etc. This makes Yodiz a widely used tool for the QA testing, production of new products, and bug tracking, which allows you to work in a single project with your UX and support teams.

  6. Trello

    Atlassian bought Trello at the beginning of January 2017. No major improvements to tool usability have been made yet, however, in the intervening month, minor integrations, as well as enhancements, were released. Because of its usability, Trello is the ideal resource for various individuals and business teams. Trello is solely Kanban, which is coordinated by team members for accessing and updating tasks and saving documents. Trello provides Slack integrations, and other complements, which are known as Jira, Bitbucket, and Confluence, but Trello has its simplicity as its greatest appeal. It allows the basic tool to stay accessible, but business users can upgrade to more power and protection.

  7. JIRA

    JIRA has licensed the project management system of GreenHopper and has incorporated it completely into its broad software and project creation platform ever since. JIRA gives the team a view of the 10,000 and 1-foot views of your projects to create Kanban tools in a wider sense for projects and workflows. You can create custom workflows and copy those as prototypes when you receive a hang of it. JIRA offers your team ready workflows.

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