Kanban Board in Jira


Kanban board is a project management tool and it is mainly designed to increase efficiency and to help to visualization of work. The word KANBAN is a Japanese word and the meaning is a card or virtual signal. Kanban Board helps in processing the work in a well-defined manner by using cards and columns. JIRA is a tool that helps in tracking the work. JIRA Kanban Board is developed based on digital kanban technology which helps in processing the work in an easy way without any issues. Kanban board in Jira helps in the development of the project along with the bugs tracking system.

Components of Kanban Board

The main components of Kanban board in Jira are:

  • Kanban Cards
  • Kanban Columns
  • Work-in-Progress Limits
  • KanbanSwimlanes
  • Delivery point
  • Commitment point
  1. Kanban Cards:

    This helps mainly for the visual representation of tasks. We will have different cards and each card represents the information about the task and its status. To be in detail it tells about the deadline, assignee, and description of work ETC.

  2. Kanban Columns:

    Here each column tells us about the different stages of workflow. Cards help us in the completion of the entire workflow.

  3. Work-in-Progress Limits:

    This helps in the multiple stages of the workflow to restrict the maximum amount of tasks. So with the help of this, there will be limited work in progress tasks so we can finish the tasks faster because of limited work-in-progress tasks. Now teams can concentrate on current tasks instead of starting all the tasks.

  4. KanbanSwimlanes:

    Kanbanswimlanes are horizontal lanes that help in separating different types of activities, Status, teams, stages, and services, etc.

  5. Commitment Point:

    This helps the team to track where the work in progress and helps in represent the work committed to completing. This helps in identifying the task committed to completing.

  6. Delivery point:

    This is the final step or end of a particular task. Main advantages of using Kanban board in Jira:

  • Visualize your work
  • Limit your work in process
  • Focus on flow
  • Practice continuous improvement
States of Kanban Board

Below are the states of Kanban board in Jira:

  • Backlog
  • To do
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Done

Based on the requirement we can change the hierarchies of kanban board in Jira. The basic structure may be like Backlog, To do, Dev and Done.

How to Use Kanban Board?
  • Visualize your Team’s Workflow and spot Weakness.
  • Optimize the Flow of Your Work.
  • Choosing a Kanban Board in Jira: Physical or Virtual.
  1. Visualize your Team’s Workflow and Spot Weakness

    Why we are going to use kanban board in Jira is the kanban board helps in easing the process by visualizing the potential problems. It is very simple if e are getting all tasks closer then work will start burden up and the impact will be on the entire team. this will cause because all the tasks came at the same time and there will be no track of what employees are doing. So here it helps in finding the exact status of each task then it gives the exact picture of where the problem lies and can easily sort will each problem.

    If you use Kanban board is Jira we can divide the tasks into different categories as said above simply we can say that if the task not started it will be in Yet to start status. If the work started then status we have to change to work in progress and if they struck somewhere we can enter our comments and will be reviewed soon and if the task completes we can change the status to complete.

  2. Optimize the Flow of Your Work

    The man aim of using kanban board in Jira is to limit the work for example it can handle the more work pressure in the smoothest way. Heavy pressure work can easily handle in Jira if we use kanban board. Kanban board helps in elevating physical and virtual whiteboards form visualization of tasks to proper workflow it helps in limit the work in progress.

  3. Choosing a Kanban Board in Jira: Physical or Virtual

    Kanban board is of different types. A team can set up their own physical kanban board using a blackboard or in office they can use whiteboard and team can use physical kanban board using a flipchart, excel or notepads and stick to the walls and to be more simple physical kanban board is series of sticky notes and we can highlight in different colors for different tasks. Kanban boards now may be of physical or virtual but if we use this we cannot track the work or we cannot simplify the tasks.

    Virtual Kanban board in Jira systems includes email integration, it provides real-time access for all remote-based workers and vendors and the main important thing is reporting part we can easily pull the report and identify the status of all tasks of the team members of any location including remote users. If we use Kanban board in Jira we can easily integrate with other applications. We will have a detailed view of the issues if we use kanban board in Jira to be in detail(we can see the full details of the issue).

    Below are the main reasons why we are using kanban board in Jira and these are self-explanatory. We can easily add attachments and can easily create subtasks. We can easily change the status(Any status no restrictions). We can easily add the comment and helps in hiding the fields in the issue if required.

  • Transition issues
  • Issue details
  • Docked comment bar
  • Configure issue layout
  • Watch and more actions
  • Quick-add buttons

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