JIRA Versions

The JIRA versions are nothing but a set of advanced features and fixing of limitations or bugs are released together as single package or release of the application or product. The finding of bugs to the any version is used to improve the creation of new features for that product. Before stable release of the version the β (Beta) version released for testing of the product and get feedback on it.

Jira Versions

As it is project management and issue tracking tool developed by Atlassian released the initial version of product. There are multiple versions having improved features of JIRA tool, but till now the version 8.5.1 is the one of stable release of it. It is a java based license tool used in multiple platform and operating system i.e. cross-platform. The initial versions are mainly used for only issue tracking in software development, but later it is used in project management.There are multiple versions on JIRA tool, like 8.x.x series, 7.x.x series, and so on. We describe some advanced and older versions of the tool.

The examples are given below:

8.7. X Version
  • Maintance of GDPR:

    This version supports the general data protection policy for the real user of the tool i.e. the admin have a power to store all data’s of employee and erase the personal data of employee who left the company.

  • Support SQL 11:

    This version JIRA tool supports SQL 11 for database to server.

  • Support DataCenter Authentication:

    This version provides OpenID authentication to the user and supports the datacenter authentication to the JIRA tool user.

8.6. X Version
  • Handles Version Control:

    It can handle each modified copies of older version files and copy into the new JIRA instance.

  • Support JVM Code Check:

    It supports to check developer’s code in cache memory and execute automatically as per the time entry.

  • Provide Notification to Outlook:

    In this version the response or notifications are mapped into the company mail services outlook. For any task or issue or work it will transparent to everyone.

  • Users & Roles made Easier:

    In this version the users and roles section is added in well manner i.e. add resource to project or assign role to resource will easier or noticeable.

  • Support SQL 10:

    This version JIRA tool supports SQL 10 for database to server.

  • Search by Prefix & Suffix:

    The searching with prefix or suffix name of a task or issue can possible from this version

  • Provides Burnup chart & Edit Sprint:

    From this version the Burnup chart (status of task pending) of the task generated and also the team to edit the sprint as per requirement. For this it keeps the status report.

8.5. X Version

It is one of the stable releases of JIRA tool and an Enterprise edition.

  • Managed by Mobile App:

    From this version the tool can be managed by the team member through authenticated mobile devices.

  • Support Memory Management:

    It provides troubleshooting and supporting plugin for JVM garbage collection i.e. to delete the unwanted objects.

  • Improving Performance:

    As compared to previous version it provides high performance, accessibility and issue archive.

7.13. X Version

It is also an Enterprise edition of JIRA tool.

  • Adopt java version JDK8:

    As Oracle stop JDK updates so JIRA 7.13 tool will adopt OpenJDK8.It support maintenance and security patches.

  • Improving Performance:

    This version the performance of the tool improves from previous version as it is used for performance and regression testing.

7.10. X Version
  • Produce good GUI:

    In this version the JIRA tools look and feel changes i.e. colours, pages, icons, etc. but the navigation remains same.

  • History of Projects:

    In this version it shows the previous project list to team members to improve the work culture and improves performance of team.

  • Project List Refreshed:

    Here the project list assign to the team can be refreshed or it showing the continuous project, introducing projects and project search bar.

  • Performance Improvement:

    In this version the performance of issue or task or project can be dividing over multiple aspects like creating issue, adding comments, work on issue, checking project status, etc. It is case-sensitive and provides Burndown chart.

  • Team Workflow:

    It provides the status report of team work flow by mailing notification by outlook or internal conversation through Stride. It shows the full update regarding the project.

7.8. X Version
  • Support Work Faster:

    From this version onwards the quick search option will added at JIRA tool, so we easily search any project or issue or task by putting the full name or part of the name at quick search box. It shows us most relevant results so the work will faster.

  • Add new Language:

    In this version the “Dutch” language is added to the JIRA tool.

7.6. X Version

It is also an Enterprise edition of JIRA tool.

  • Support Java JDK8:

    when the support from Oracle will stop for JDK8 then JIRA tool adopt OpenJDK8 for maintenance and security updates for the tool. It will support both JIRA with JDK8 or JRE8.

  • Introduce Priority:

    From this version onwards the JIRA tool introduces the concept of priority to the issue or task or project. Depending upon the priority the workflow will moves from one level to other.

  • Support Live Monitoring:

    In this version of JIRA tool support the live monitoring the workflow or status of the project. It is a real time monitoring of JIRA tool to calculate efficiency of team.

  • Support Extra Features:

    From this version some features are added to the JIRA tool, like drag and drop, Issue movement between columns, better security and performance issue.

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