Applications of JIRA

The applications of JIRA are:

Tracking of issues and management:

JIRA provides features to define workflow, management of daily tasks, tracking the progress of the work done by the team.

Configurable dashboard with widgets:

It allows us to track what is going on in a project, can track user workflows, burndown charts, verify the velocity of a team, etc.


The progress of the project can be understood by the best reports provided by Jira. It helps us to understand the budget by giving total spent versus estimation.

Scrum and Kanban:

Configurable scrum and Kanban boards are provided by Jira. Scrum board can be used to manage the board. Kanban can be used to manage bugs, epics in the system.

Plugins Support:

A ton of external plugins is provided by Jira to manage everything regarding the product inside Jira.


Test_Project/ABC #xyzThe key uniquely identifies the issue.

An example issue in so and so part of the app #xyz

#Assignee: Aman

The assignee is the person currently working on the issue.

#Status: In Progress

The status indicates where the issue currently is in its workflow.


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