Top 10 Software Engineering Interview Questions asked in 2022

Q1. What are the 5 stages of waterfall model?

The waterfall model provides a way to divide the development process into the following five phases: analysis, design, implementation, testing, and operation. Winston Royce created this model based on his requirements.

Q2. Why is waterfall better than Agile?

Agile is a better management method for projects that are highly involved. The constraints of this type of project mean there is less flexibility than with waterfall, as the latter relies on standardized timeframes and strict guidelines.

Q3. Is Scrum a spiral?

The traditional software development methodology, called Spiral process model, is losing popularity because it is slow and doesn’t optimize the delivery time. The agile model of development, scrum, is becoming ever more popular among companies.

Q4. Is agile a framework or methodology?

Scrum is an interface to Agile’s values. In other words, Scrum provides a way for developers to take advantage of Agile’s philosophy and mind-set.

Q5. Which SDLC model is best?

According to the annual State of Agile report, Agile is the most popular SDLC methodology and at RnF Technologies it’s also their favorite model.

Q6. What is Big Bang model in software engineering?

The Big Bang model is an SDLC process where the development begins with the allocated money and time, and the output is a software program created which may or may not be as per customer requirements.

Q7. What is COCOMO 1 and COCOMO 2 model?

COCOMO 1 is used in waterfall software development cycle models. COCOMO 2 is beneficial in software engineering and reuse models that are not consecutive. It provides estimations of time and effort. It gives you estimates that are one standard deviation away from the most common prediction.

Q8. What are the main components of DFD?

In data flow diagrams consist four primary components i.e. entity, process, data store and data flow. External Entity – External entities, also called as actors, providers or sinks, and terminators, generate and consumes data passing between both the entity as well as the diagrammed system.

Q9. What is software quality software quality attributes?

Software Quality Attributes are characteristics that help Software Testing consultants monitor the effectiveness of a software application. These characteristics include availability, integration, accuracy and consistency, ease of understanding, robustness, manageability, concision, expandability, and reliability.

Q10. How many ISO 9000 standards are there?

The ISO 9000 series of standards, related to quality management, is the most well-known and impactful standard created by ISO. The definition for the ISO 9000 standard is a description of a quality management system. It releases 13,000 standards.

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