Software Quality in software Engineering


Software quality is determined by how well a program meets the user’s needs. Quality software should feature all functionalities specified in the SRS document.


Key factors that contribute to software quality.

  • Excellent layout-

    In order to satisfy clients, it is always necessary to have a good and elegant design.

  • Reliability-

    Any Software is designed to perform its functions perfectly and without errors.

  • Durability-

    Durability is a puzzling term. In this specific situation, durability refers to the software’s ability to function normally for an extended period of time.

  • Consistency-

    Software is required to continue to perform across platforms and devices.

  • Integrity-

    Technical issues in any software should be easily captured and fixed, and new tasks and enhancements should be easily added.

  • Price point-

    customers and industries which create this feature should feel that their money was not squandered.

Software Quality Model

To judge the efficiency of the any software product, software quality models have been proposed.Whenever it comes to assessing software reliability, there seem to be three generally recognized models:

The McCall’s Quality Model.

The Mc Call model was designed to maintain peace between all users. The first prototype was released in 1977 as part of the US Airforce.

The Boehm Quality Model.

Boehm’s hierarchical model is structured around high-level features. He uses software quality to measure production efficiency, maintainable code, and function robustness. It was released in 1978.

The Dromey Quality Model.

Dromey is working to reduce the shortcomings of software with his model. It does this by focusing on the individual properties and attributes, then connecting them to software quality.

This model is comprised of three major components:

  • Product characteristics that influence quality.
  • High-level quality characteristics
  • Associating characteristics with quality factors.


Q1. What is software quality?

Software quality is described as the analysis and discipline of describing the favorable features of software applications. Software quality can be approached in two ways: defect management and quality parameters.

Q2. What is software quality software quality attributes?

Software Quality Attributes are characteristics that help Software Testing consultants monitor the effectiveness of a software application. These characteristics include availability, integration, accuracy and consistency, ease of understanding, robustness, manageability, concision, expandability, and reliability.

Q3. What is difference between QA and QE?

QE focuses on replicable needs which are incorporated throughout the development process and then beyond. Quality control, on the other side, has a much more specific molecular. Simple terms, quality assurance (QA) aims to improve product quality via testing.

Q4. What are the 3 types of quality?

In any industry, there are three main types of performance for service quality.

  • Basic Efficiency.
  • Technical Performance.
  • Excitement Efficiency.


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