Project Management in Software Engineering

Here in this Tutorial we will discuss about the Project Managementin Software Engineering Tutorial. The tutorial is helpful for beginners and experienced professionals.

What is Project?

Projects are tasks that need to be completed in order to reach a goal. Projects also have inputs and outputs, which are needed to achieve the desired result. Projects vary in difficulty, and one person can operate them or a hundred people can work on them.

Projects need approval by project managers and executives. The allotted time is not always sufficient so the team implements tasks to complete the project on time. Splitting projects into specific tasks helps with leadership and provides a way to use skills within the team.

What is Software project management?

Software project management is a sub-discipline that controls the software project and handles planning, implementation, monitoring and supervision. Software project management also deals with projects planned by using art to oversee them.

It’s a process that manages and schedules resources to develop computer software to fulfill requirements.The client and developers know the project length, period and cost.There are three needs for software project management followings are:

  1. Time
  2. Cost
  3. Quality

Project Management Tools

Here some of the tools which are used to perform task frequently with project management:

Gantt chart

The Gantt chart, which was first developed in 1917, is a time line for many types of activities.Gantt charts are helpful when you want to see which tasks are dependent on each other and what is coming up. It helps you get the picture of your entire project.

PERT chart

PERT refers to the U.S. Navy’s Programme Evaluation Review Technique in the 1950s, which was developed to avoid logistical complications and delays in the development of the Polaris submarine missile program.The “PERT chart” represented a network diagram concerning the number of nodes, which represent events.

Logic Network

Logic Network is a big help when it comes to understanding how different tasks interact with one another at any given time. It also enables you to better understand the deadline for a project, as well as its workflow.

Product Breakdown Structure

The product breakdown structure (PBS) divides the project into work packages and represent the connection between them. The BBS is just like a work breakdown structure (WBS).

Work Breakdown Structure

The project management body of knowledge defines an essential deliverable that breaks down the work performed by the project team into segments.

There are two ways to generate a Work Breakdown Structure

  • The top-down and
  • The bottom-up approach.

In the top-down approach, you divide the project into subprojects or lower-level tasks.

Top-down planning is about starting with an upper level goal and working down to the small details. Bottom-up planning is more like a brainstorming exercise where you start with low level tasks which are required to complete the project.

Resource Histogram

The resource histogram is a bar chart that displays how much time is allocated for each type of work over a specific period of time. Resource histograms can also include features like resource availability, which can be used to compare different types of work.

Critical Path Analysis

Critical path analysis is a technique used to categorize the tasks in a project, as well as predict any risks the project may face.

What is Software Project Planning?

A software project, or more formally a program, defines the necessary steps one must take to complete the development of a project in a specified period.

Need of Software Project Management

Businesses must be able to create & update software products, this new industry is undefined and constantly changing. It’s important to manage software development projects efficiently, due to the difficulty of predicting future structure programming advances.


Q1. What is project management in software engineering?

SPM is a way of planning software projects. It’s also a part of project management, where you do research and monitor progress on software products to make sure they are done correctly. The need for SPM arises because software can’t be seen with the naked eye.

Q2. What is project management and its types?

Project management includes an examination of the planning, initiation, execution, monitoring, and closing of a project. There are many types of project management methodologies and techniques, such as traditional, waterfall, agile, and lean.

Q3. Why software project management is important?

Project management software tools help companies realize their potential and project is on track. The software aids in planning, time management, resource control and progress monitoring.

Q4. What is Gantt chart in project management?

Gantt charts show a timeline of how tasks are to be completed, listing the tasks on the left and illustrating the schedule on the right.

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