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    SD flow with T-Codes and tables

    Below is the standard sales and distribution(SD) document flow in SAP .


    VA11 is the T-Code for inquiry and related tables are VBAK, VBAP.Once inquiry is done customer requests quotation.


    T-code for quotation in VA21, tables are VBAK, VBAP. After quotation flow goes for purchase order.


    Purchase order t-code is ME21N, related tables are EKKO, EKPO.Based on purchase order sales order will be created.


    Sales order t-code is VA01, related tables are VBAK, VBAP. Once sales order is created, delivery will be done.


    T-Code for delivery order is VL01N, tables are LIKP, LIPS. Next the goods should be delivered through shipping


    Shipping t-code is VT01, related tables are VTTK, VTTP.Once goods are shipped, go for billing.


    Billing t-code is VF01, tables are VBRK,VBRP. Every bill has invoice…next provide invoice.


    Invoice t-code is VF21, related tables are VBRK, VBRP.Invoice end of sales flow.

    MM flow in SAP with t-codes
    1. Purchase Requisition (ME51N)

      Material requirement are identified either by the user, department or via material planning and control. For example a MRP Run in production planning or material falling short of reorder-point can automatically generate Purchase Requisition. At the same time PR can be created manually in the system.

    2. Source Determination – RFQ (ME41)

      Identify the possible source of supply based on the past order and existing long term purchase contract. Then create Request for Quotation, which can be then sent electronically to vendors.

    3. Vendor Selection and Comparison of Quotation (ME49)

      After receiving quotation system is capable to simulate pricing scenarios, allowing user to compare number of quotations and sent rejection letter automatically.

    4. Purchase Order (ME21N)

      Data from Quotation or Purchase Requisition can be adopted to create Purchase Orders. Purchase Order is then sent to Vendor to supply the goods.

    5. Purchase Order Follow ups ME91, ME91F, ME92F

      Reminder can be sent to vendors at predefined intervals.

    6. Goods Receipts (MB01)

      Goods were received.

    7. Invoice Verification (MIRO)

      Along with the goods vendor also submits Invoice, system verifies then invoice against the quantity received and PO data. The account payable clerk is notified.

    Important Transactions in MM

    MM01 Material Creation

    Me51N Purchase Requisition

    Me41 Request for Quotation

    Me49 Comparison of Quotation

    Me21N Purchase Order Creation

    MIGO, MB01 Goods Receipt

    MIRO Invoice Verification

    MB1A Good Issue

    Tables in MM

    MARA Material General

    MARC Material Plant Data

    MAKT Material Description

    MARD Material Storage Location Data

    MAST Material BOM Link

    MBEW Material Valuation

    MKPF Material Document Header

    MSEGMateial Document Line Item

    MVKEMateial Sales Data

    T023 Material Group

    T024 Purchase Organization

    EBAN Purchase Requisition

    EBKN Account Assignment Purchase Requisition

    EINA Purchasing Info Record – General Data

    EINE Purchase Info Record – Purchase Organization Data

    EKKO Purchase Order Header Data

    EKPO Purchase Order Line Item Data

    EKKN Account Assignment Purchase Order

    EKBE History Purchase Order

    EKET Scheduling Agreement Purchase Order

    EKAB Release Documentation


    The easiest way to remember the table in SAP is: Just try to remember the SAP terminology of representing the business or business objects… such as

    Particular Starts with Example
    Vendor L LFA1
    Customer K KNA1, KONV
    Sales V VBAK, VBAP
    Bank B BKNF, BKPF
    Purchasing E EKKO, EKPO
    Material M MARA, MAKT, MARC
    Master T T001, T001W
    Particular Header Table – contains Example Item Table – contains Example
    Sales, Delivery, Billing, Purchasing K VBAK, LIKP, VBRK, EKKO P VBAP, LIPS, VBRP, EKPO
    Finance Tables:
    Contains Meaning Example
    I Open Item BSID
    A Closed Item BSAD
    Ends Meaning Example
    S G/L Master Open Item BSIS, BSAS
    D Customer related BSID
    K Vendor related BSIK

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