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    • Smart form is a GUI Tool which is used to design the business legal documents such as Delivery note,Purchase order,Invoice etc.
    • The transaction code is SMARTFORMS.
    • Smartforms are client independent objects.
    • Smartforms are advanced version of SAP Scripts.
    • It is a GUI tool and it is user friendly.

    Smatrtforms and SAP Scripts differences.

    Smartforms SAP Scripts
    Smartforms are client independent. SAP Scripts are client dependent.
    Main window is not compulsory. Main window is compulsory.
    Smartforms generates a Function module when activated. No Function Module will be generated.
    Smartforms texts supports various colors. Scripts allows black and white colors only.
    There is no transfer of control between program and form, once the control is transfered to Function Module, it will never come back. Scripts has repeated transfer of control.
    Only single page format is possible. Multiple page formats are available.


    There are two main nodes in Smartforms.

    1. Global Settings.

      • Form Attribute.
      • Form Interface.
      • Global Definition.
    2. Pages and Windows.

    Global settings:

    It is used to provide the basic settings for the smartform.

    Form Attributes:

    It specifies the general attributes like who created,Date,time, package,translate options, default smartstyle, Page format (DINA4/DINA5).

    Form interface:

    It acts as a mediator between a driver program and a smart form.

    The main functionality of form interface is, it will import the parameters which are exported by driver program.

    The parameters can be variables, work areas, internal tables..etc.

    Global definition:

    It will contain the variables to be used within the smart form.

    We can define variables, user defined data types, field symbols, initialization code,Subroutine, currency/quantity fields.

    It is mainly used for declaring or defining the above variables.

    Pages and Windows

    • Page.
    • Window.
    • Graphic.
    • Address.
    • Text.
    • Table.
      • Header.
      • Body.
      • Footer.
    • Template.
    • Folder.
    • Program Lines.
    • Alternative.
    • Command.
    • Loop.

    Pages and windows

    This will contain all the pages and the windows, which are used in the smartform.

    By default, a page will be created by name %page1.

    By default, a window will be created by name ‘Main’ under the page1.

    For each page, we need to specify the next page.

    Eg: page = %page1

    Next page = %page1 or %page2

    Nodes under pages


    It is used to define the layout of a smartform.

    We can have different pages with different layouts.


    it is used to display information or text at a particular place on a page.


    it is used to display logos or images on the smartforms.


    It is used to display the address of customer or vendor or employe, organization address , workplace address etc.

    Just provide address no, it will automatically display the address as per the country formats.

    Nodes under the window


    it is used to display the information or text in a window.


    It is used to display the information in the form of table.

    Whenever we create table by default HEADER, MAIN AREA, FOOTER will be displayed.

    The main functionality of a table is, it expands automatically depending on the internal table data.

    We need to provide the name of the internal table for a table.


    template is also like a table which does not expand. That means it will have fixed number of rows and columns.

    Program lines:

    it is used to write some lines of abap code.

    Window Types in Smartforms

    Main window:

    For continuous output.

    Secondary window:

    For output with a fixed length.

    Final window:

    Special type of secondary window for outputting the information that is not known until the end of form processing.

    Copies window:

    Special type of secondary window for marking pages as copy or original.

    Example Smartform GUI


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