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    SAP Script is a tool which is used to printable business documents in SAP like invoice form, Sales Order form, Delivery form, other form related to HR etc.

    Scripts are older version of SAP print forms, advanced version to scripts are smartforms( we will learn in next chapters ).

    SAP Scripts are client dependent, that is if we develop a script in client 200, it will not be visible in other clients like 300, 100.

    Advanced version of scripts, smartforms are client independent, they will be visible in all clients.

    Why SAP Scripts are client dependent?

    If we generate a SAP Script, it will be internally stored as texts.

    Texts are nothing but a data, as per SAP all data is client dependent, so SAP Scripts are client dependent.

    SE71 is the T-code for SAP scripts.

    Components of SAP Scripts

    • Header ( Administrative data and basic settings ).
    • Pages.
    • Windows.
    • Page windows.
    • Paragraph format.
    • Character Format.
    • Layout.


    It contains header information of SAP Script i:e administrative data and basic settings of SAP script.

    Administrative Data:

    It contains administrative data like package, client, user and language.

    Basic Settings:

    It contains settings like page format, first page, default paragraph etc.


    SAP Script is a group of pages, each page contains layout.

    The layout is used to design page.

    Page is a group of windows.

    In SAP Scripts we can create 99 pages only.


    A window is a container which contains some information to display, the entire page is designed using windows.

    There are four types of windows.

    Main window:

    A Window which automatically expands depending upon the data is called main window.

    Each page contains only one main Window.

    As there are 99 pages only in scripts, we can have maximum 99 main windows only. The main Window data is divided into blocks called as text elements.

    Text Element:

    It is used to display the specific block of information.

    Text elements are represented by /E

    The entire main Window data is divided into blocks called as text elements.

    Now,Display a particular text element, so that only that specific info related to text element is displayed.

    Constant Window:

    A Window which is constant for all the pages is called constant Window.

    Variable Window:

    A Window which does not expand i.e., width and height is fixed.

    Graphical Window:

    A window which is used to display graphics or images.

    Page windows:

    The windows assigned to particular page are called page windows.

    Paragraph format :

    It is used to specify a particular format (font size/family/Bold/italic/underlined) for all the characters in a paragraph .

    We can also specify TABS.

    Tabs :

    Tabs are used to specify a position in sap script so that the text will be displayed at that particular position.

    Tabs are represented by,, (2 commas).

    Character format:

    A format which is used by a group of characters inside a paragraph is called a character format.


    It is a place where we design the page with windows.

    Function Modules used in SAP Scripts

    We use some function modules to develop SAP Scripts, explained below.


    This is used to open a form for execution by loading it into memory.


    It is used to write Some information on the SAP Script form using Text Element.


    It is used to close the form which is opened by open form.


    It is used to call another SAP Script into current SAP Script(Nested Scripts).


    It is used to end the form which started by START_FORM.

    Driver Program

    A program which contains business logic statements i.e., all select statements ,loops,appends etc, is called Driver prg.

    In simple words, a program which is used to drive or print the script.

    All the variables ,work areas ,internal tables which are declared in the driver program will be automatically transferred to SAP Scripts.

    If we want to display the variables or workarea values we need to follow below syntax.

    Syntax : &variable&




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