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    What is SAP HANA?

    SAP HANA is an in-memory database technology encompassing various components which makes it a complete package or suite for a centralized ERP system and business application development. SAP HANA is a tool which comprises an in-memory HANA database, data modeling tools, data provisioning and HANA administration, making it a suite.

    It uses real-time data processing/computing which fetches data directly from the in-memory (main memory) speeding up the data retrieval operations. This platform or tool deploy both on-cloud and on-premise aiding to the real-time analytics. Another factor which makes SAP HANA the clear winner of the race is that it uses a large main memory (RAM), and multi-core processors which makes dealing with enormous data, a smooth experience. The multi-core processing engines process data parallels within different columns of the same database and return data to the clients in no time. This is by the virtue of a columnar or column-oriented database management system which is arranged and read in columns from top to bottom instead of rows (left to right). Using a columnar database optimizes data structure and eases storing large data by compressing it.

    SAP HANA is the first technology which use for both OLTP and OLAP application processing.

    It means that you can use it for both transactional and analytical purposes. It is achieved by extracting data from the transactional system like ERP, then transforming the data to use for reporting and also, it offers query processing environment for both structured and unstructured data such as a relational database (tables) and less structured (texts, graphs) respectively. Thus, SAP HANA can use in many different ways like via SAP Business Warehouse, accelerators and native applications.

    Features of SAP HANA:-

    • An in-memory database, column-orientated database, and parallel database processing.
    • 100% ACID compliance.
    • Multitier storage i.e. data stores both in-memory and on disk in columnar format.
    • Data modeling tools and application development tools, stored procedure.
    • Comprehensive administration tools.
    • Robust security and disaster recovery.
    • Graphs and spatial processing.
    • Predictive analytics and machine learning.
    • Wide ranged text query searching and text analytics.
    • Responsive web applications.
    • Application lifecycle management.
    • Data integration and replication.
    • Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark integration.
    • Remote data synchronization.

    Components of SAP HANA

    There are four technologies which collectively make SAP HANA.

    • DB:

      SAP HANA DB is the core in-memory database which central to the functioning of SAP HANA.

    • Studio:

      SAP HANA Studio has the modeling tools for data handling and management.

    • Appliance:

      SAP HANA software install in an appliance, which is vendor hardware.

    • Application Cloud:

      SAP HANA Cloud is the cloud-based infrastructure ensuring the functioning of appliances.

    Applications of SAP HANA

    SAP HANA has a very strong customer base as they provide a wide range of applications. In this part of SAP HANA Tutorial, we have collected some applications, let’s discuss them:

    • Core process accelerators
    • Planning, Optimization applications
    • Sense and response applications i.e. SAP HANA works as a digital core for an Internet of things (IOT).
    • It is efficient in processing high volumes of both transactional and analytical data by supporting OLTP and OLAP applications respectively.
    • SAP HANA works as a digital core for devices, people, big data, business networks and social networks.

    Scope of SAP HANA

    SAP HANA is a promising technology that it will not be an exaggeration if it considers as a revolution in the database management system. SAP HANA is a widely popular technology from all over the globe and has hit top ranks on the revenue charts only a few years after its launch. With better versions every year, this technology is the need of the hour and will continue to grow in terms of user base and market share in the coming years as well. Presently, a lot of fortune 1000 companies are clients of SAP for SAP HANA. Therefore, jobs are also more likely to keep on increasing in the coming years assuring SAP HANA professionals a bright future in this field.


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