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    Posting Keys in SAP

    Posting Keys:–

    Posting key in SAP is a two digits numerical key that determines the type of transaction entered in a line item.

    Posting Keys – Scenarios
    1. Standard SAP system delivers the standard posting keys, and you can use the standard posting and modify or change as per business organization requirements
    2. Posting keys in SAP controls the entries in a line item of document entries.
    3. It determines the account type to post, i.e., the amount should be posted on the debit side or credit side.
    Posting Keys Determines:-
    1. Account Types ( A, D, K, M, S )
    2. Type of postings, i.e., Debit or Credit
    Account Types in SAP:-
    1. Assets
    2. General Ledger
    3. Customer
    4. Vendor
    5. Material
    Account Type Customer posting keys:-
    Posting Key Description Account Type Debit/Credit
    1 Invoice Customer Debit
    2 Reverse credit memo Customer Debit
    3 Bank charges Customer Debit
    4 Other receivables Customer Debit
    5 Outgoing payment Customer Debit
    6 Payment difference Customer Debit
    7 Other clearings Customer Debit
    8 Payment clearing Customer Debit
    9 Special G/L debit Customer Debit
    11 Credit memo Customer Credit
    12 Reverse invoice Customer Credit
    13 Reverse charges Customer Credit
    14 Other payables Customer Credit
    15 Incoming payment Customer Credit
    16 Payment difference Customer Credit
    17 Other clearings Customer Credit
    18 Payment clearing Customer Credit
    Account Type General Ledger Posting Keys
    Posting Key Description Account Type Debit/Credit
    40 Debit entry G/L Debit
    50 Credit entry G/L Credit
    80 Stock initial entry G/L Debit
    81 Costs G/L Debit
    83 Price difference G/L Debit
    84 Consumption G/L Debit
    85 Change in stock G/L Debit
    86 GR/IR debit G/L Debit
    90 Stock initial entry G/L Credit
    91 Costs G/L Credit
    93 Price difference G/L Credit
    94 Consumption G/L Credit
    95 Change in stock G/L Credit
    96 GR/IR credit G/L Credit
    Account Type Asset Posting Keys
    Posting Key Description Debit/Credit
    70 Debit Asset Debit
    75 Credit Asset Credit
    Account Type Material Posting Keys
    Posting Key Description Account Type Debit/Credit
    89 Stock inward movement Material Debit
    99 Stock outward movement Material Credit
    Account Type Vendor Posting Keys
    Posting Key Description Account Type Debit/Credit
    21 Credit memo Vendor Debit
    22 Reverse invoice Vendor Debit
    24 Other receivables Vendor Debit
    25 Outgoing payment Vendor Debit
    26 Payment difference Vendor Debit
    27 Clearing Vendor Debit
    28 Payment clearing Vendor Debit
    29 Special G/L debit Vendor Debit
    31 Invoice Vendor Credit
    32 Reverse credit memo Vendor Credit
    34 Other payables Vendor Credit
    35 Incoming payment Vendor Credit
    36 Payment difference Vendor Credit
    37 Other clearings Vendor Credit
    38 Payment clearing Vendor Credit
    39 Special G/L credit Vendor Credit
    Posting key Configuration Steps:- Transaction Code – OB41
    Step 1:–

    Enter T-Code SPRO in the Command field and press enter

    Step 2:-

    Click SAP Reference IMG

    Step 3:-

    Follow the IMG Menu path

    SPRO > Implementation Guide –> Finance Accounting –> Finance Accounting Global Settings –> Documents –> Line Item –> Controls –> Define Posting Keys

    Step 4:–

    Click on Create Icon

    Step 5:-

    Update two digits numerical key code in the Posting key field and update the name of the posting key in the name of the posting key field

    Step 6:-

    Update the following data

    1. Debit/Credit indicator:–

      Select the debit or credit

    2. Account Type:-

      Select appropriate account type

    3. Other attributes:-

      Select appropriate attribute i.e. Sales related or Special G/L

    4. Reversal Posting Key:-

      Update the reversal posting key

    Step 7:-

    click on the save icon

    Posting key successfully configured in SAP

    Posting Key Name Debit/Credit
    70 Debit asset Asset Debit
    75 Credit asset Credit

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