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    Introduction to module pool programming in SAP

    It is a special type of programming which is used to create custom SAP screens.

    Transaction code for creating module pool programs is SE80.

    Every module pool program must be executed with a transaction (T-code).

    Events in Module pool programming

    There are four events available in module pool programming.

    PBO (Process Before Output):

    Triggered before MPP screen is displayed.

    PAI (Process After Input):

    Triggered after MPP screen is displayed whenever user raises an action. Also,Now PBO is also triggered.

    POV (Process On Value Request):

    Triggered when User Clicks on search help or F4 Button.

    POH (Process On Help Request):

    Triggered when User Clicks on search help or F4 Button.

    Modularization techniques in Module Pool

    Basically there are four include programs which are created automatically for an MPP program.

    _TOP   "top include program ,All data declarations.
    _O01  "PBO include program , All logic related to PBO event
    _I01  "PAI include program , All logic related to PAI event
    _F01  "Forms include program , All logic related to subroutines

    It is a visible layout which is displayed in the output. The components of the Screen are

    Components of Screen:
    • Attributes : Properties of screen
    • Element List : List of UI/Library elements
    • Flow-Logic : Abap logic related to MPP
    • Layout : Screen Designing Area
    Flow Logic in module pool

    It will contain the logic related to screen in the form of modules by default, 2 events will be available with their corresponding modules as below: Just uncomment the modules and create them and write the ABAP logic.

    *MODULE STATUS_0100.
    • It is an sub-program which contains the ABAP code for a screen.
    • Flow-Logic cannot understand ABAP statements. So the entire ABAP code is written in the form of modules.
    • Since the entire ABAP logic is divided in the form of modules, that is why it is called MODULE POOL PROGRAMMING

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