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    Interactive Reports

    • Displaying the basic information on the basic list and the detailed information in the secondary list is called as interactive reports.
    • In SAP, there are 21 lists, out of which first list is called basic list with list number 0 and remaining lists are called as secondary lists with list numbers 1,2,3,4…to…20.
    • The System Variable SY-LSIND will give the list index no.


    Display material basic details on the first screen (basic list), whenever user clicks on any material number it displays materials plant details in the second screen.

    Interactive Reports Events

    At Line-Selection

    This event will trigger whenever the user double click on any list line.


    AT LINE-SELECTION . “Triggers line selection

    At User Command

    This event will trigger whenever user clicks on any custom buttons of the GUI.


    AT USER-COMMAND . “Triggers user command

    At PF Status

    This event will trigger whenever user clicks on any function buttons.


    AT PF. “Triggers user command

    Top Of Page During line selection

    This is used to print heading for secondary lists in interactive reports.


    TOP-OF-PAGE DURING LINE-SELECTION. “Prints secondary list header

    Techniques used in interactive reporting

    Hide area

    It is a key word which is used to store the data into a temporary memory call as HIDE area.

    Functionality of HIDE is

    • Whenever the user uses the HIDE statement, the data will be stored in ‘HIDE’ area along with line numbers.
    • Whenever user double clicks on any list line the system takes the line number and checks the HIDE area for the corresponding data in that particular line, then the data will be returned to the HIDE variables.


    HIDE " total work area in hide area
    HIDE < WA-FIELD> "hide area


    This key word is used to read the field name and field value where the mouse cursor is placed or double click action is raised. It dosen`t use hide area.




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