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    How to Create G/L Account Group in SAP

    Define Account Group:-

    Chart of accounts contains different types of accounts. To manage and control a large number of G/L accounts better in SAP, they are arranged in account groups. Account group must be specified while creating the G/L account.

    Account Group Determines:-
    • The interval in which the GL account number must be defined.
    • The creation of the GL codes depends upon the specified number range that is assigned to the account group in sap
    • Which fields are required and optional entries when creating and changing master records
    • Which fields are suppressed when creating and changing master data

    Here we are configuring the following account groups

    COA Account group Name From account To account
    ADAR SCPL Share Capital 100000 119999
    ADAR RSPL Reserves & Surplus 120000 129999
    ADAR ACDN Current Liabilities and Provisions 130000 139999
    ADAR SCLN Secured Loans 140000 149999
    ADAR UNLN Unsecured loan 150000 159999
    ADAR ACDP Accumulated Depreciation 160000 169999
    ADAR FAAC Fixed Asset Accounts 170000 179999
    ADAR CUAS Current Assets 180000 189999
    ADAR LOAD Loans and Advances 190000 199999
    ADAR SALE Sales & Operating Revenues 200000 219999
    ADAR OTIN Other Income 220000 229999
    ADAR INCR Increase / Decrease in stocks 230000 239999
    ADAR RMCO Raw material consumption 240000 249999
    ADAR PREX Personnel Expenditure 250000 259999
    ADAR MFEX Manufacturing Expenses 260000 269999
    ADAR ADMN Administration Expenses 270000 279999
    ADAR INTR Interest 280000 289999
    ADAR DEPR Depreciation 290000 299999
    ADAR INTX Income Tax Expenses 300000 319999
    Steps to Define Accounts group in SAP:-

    T Code for Define Account Group:- OBD4

    IMG Menu Path:-

    SAP Implementation Guide > Financial accounting –> G/L Accounting –> GL Accounts –> Master Data–> Preparations –> Define Account Groups

    Step 1:–
    Step 2:-

    Select SAP Reference IMG

    Step 3:-

    Next Screen, follow the menu path for define account group in SAP.

    Step 4:-

    Select New entries to create new G/L account groups.

    Step 5:-

    Update the following fields and press enters from Keyboard.


    Enter Charts of Account Key

    Acct Group:-

    Enter the Account group


    Update the account group

    From Acct:-

    Enter from account number, i.e., starting account number of account group in SAP.

    To Account:-

    Enter to account number, i.e., end of the account number of the Account group in SAP.

    Step 6:-

    After Updating the data, save the data by clicking the save icon

    Thus Account groups are successfully configured in SAP

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