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    How to Create Customer master data by XD01

    Create Customer master data
    • Customer can be a person or an organization to whom you are providing goods and services.
    • Customers can be external or internal
    • If customers are providing goods and service, you can link customer master data to vendor master data.
    • Customers are business partners whom the organization does sales related transactions.

    Customer master data can be created by using the following navigation options in SAP. You can create customer master data by using the reference customer data or creating new customer account.

    SAP R/3 Path: –

    SAP Menu > Logistics > Sales and Distribution (SD) > Master Data > Business Partner > Customer > Complete

    Transaction Code: -XD01
    Step 1: –

    In next screen, “Create Sales Order ” update the following fields.

    • elect customer account group from the list
    • Enter your company code key
    • Enter your sales organization, distribution channel, division key
    • Update reference fields if you want to create customer master date by reference
    Step 2: –

    Select address tab and update the following information

    • Select appropriate title (Company, Dr, Ms, Mr)
    • Enter customer name
    • Enter full address of customer
    • Update transport zone field
    Step 3: –

    Select payment transaction tab and update customer bank details

    Step 4: –

    Select company code data button and update Reconciliation account and sort key.

    Step 5:-

    Select Sales area data (Ctrl+F3) and update the following fields

    • Go to Shipping Tab and update Delivery priority, Delivering plant
    • Go to Billing documents tab and update Incoterms, Terms of payments, Acct assgmt group, Tax classification

    After updating mandatory fields as per your business requirements, click on save button to save the configured customer master data.

    Now a notification message will be displays as “Customer 1111111126 has been created for company code AD06 Sales Area AD06 20 01“.

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