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    Function Modules

    What are Function Modules?

    Function Modules are sub-programs which contains set of re-usable statements with importing, exporting parameters, exceptions. Unlike include programs Function Modules can be executed independently.

    Function Group in SAP ABAP

    Function group is a container of Function modules, every Function Module must be saved in a Function group. T-codes for Function Modules and Function groups are SE37 OR SE80. We can save N number of Function Modules in a Function Group.

    Components of Function Module:


    These are input parameters of a Function Module.


    These are output parameters of a Function Module.


    These are parameters which act as importing and exporting parameters to a Function Module.


    These are internal tables which also acts as importing and exporting parameters.


    Exceptions in Function Modules are used to catch certain type of errors.

    In this lesson we are going to learn how to create Function Group and Function Module, in order to create a Function Module we need a Function Group (We can save in existing one also), follow the below steps to create a Function Group.

    Go to SE80.

    Select ‘Function Group’ from drop-down list.

    Provide a Function Group name ex: ZTFUNCTIONGROUP and press enter.

    A Popup will open Click on ‘Yes’ and provide short text, click on save.

    Select Local Object.

    Right-Click on Function Group name (ZTFUNCTIONGROUP) and activate.


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