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    Fiscal Year Variant in sap


    A fiscal year is divided into a number of posting periods, and each posting period in an accounting period is defined by a start date and end date

    The fiscal year in SAP can be defined as year dependent or Year Independent

    • Year independent –

      Same number and dates for the periods every year

    • year dependent –

      Periods can be different from year to year

    Define Fiscal year Variant:-

    Fiscal year variant is used to define the fiscal year

    A Fiscal year variant contains the 12 normal posting periods and 4 special periods. We can define a maximum of 16 posting periods for each year. Special periods are used for Year-end activities

    Fiscal Year Variant in SAP – Scenarios
    1. Standard SAP system delivers with server fiscal variant keys to meet business requirements.
    2. You can use the standard fiscal year variants as per your organization’s needs.
    3. You can define FYV as – Calendar fiscal year variant, Shortened Fiscal year variant, Non-calendar fiscal year variant.
    Steps for configuring the Fiscal year variant:-
    Step 1:-

    Enter SPRO Transaction Code in the SAP Command field and press enter

    Step 2:-

    In the next screen, select SAP Reference IMG

    Step 3:-

    In the next screen, Display Img, follow the Menu path

    SAP Reference IMG –> Financial Accounting –> Global Settings –> Fiscal Year –>Maintain Fiscal Year Variant

    Step 4:-

    In the next screen, select New Entries to create Fiscal year

    Step 5:–

    New entries to Create fiscal year variant screen, update the following information.

    1. In the field Fiscal year variant FV, enter the two digits unique code
    2. In the description field, update the name of Fiscal year Variant
    3. Select the year-Dependent option if the Periods are different from year to year
    4. Select Calendar yr option if same number and dates for the periods of every year
    5. Update 12 in the Number of posting periods field
    6. Update 4 in the No. of Special Periods Field.
    7. After updating the required data and click on the save icon
    Step 6:–

    Now update the periods for the fiscal year variant.

    It is a mandatory step to update the periods for the Fiscal year variant; if you don’t update periods, when you are posting documents – you will get an error as “For the AD Fiscal year variant, no period is defined for.

    Block Fiscal Year Variant AD and Double Click on Periods folder

    Step 7:-

    Select New Entries Button

    Step 8:-

    Maintain the Periods for the Fiscal Year

    1. First Column – Month
    2. Second Column – Day
    3. Third Column – Period
    4. Fourth column – Year Shift

    After Maintain Fiscal Year Variant Periods, Click and Save icon.

    How to Assign Company Code to Fiscal Year Variant

    A single Fiscal Year Variant can be assigned for multiple company codes. The link between Fiscal Year Variant and Company Code is established through assigning Company Code to Fiscal Year Variant.

    Important points to be remembered
    1. All the fiscal year variants are to be assigned with the company code before any transactions.
    2. You can also assign company code to fiscal year variant directly through global parameters setting (Tcode OBY6)
    3. After the assignment of fiscal year variant FVV to company code, you can post transaction codes to a company code.
    Path for Assign Company Code to Fiscal Year Variant

    SPRO > Implementation Guide for R/3 Customizing (IMG) –> Finance Accounting –> Finance Accounting Global Settings –> Fiscal Year –> Assign Company Code to Fiscal Year Variant

    Transaction Code for Assign Company Code to Fiscal Year Variant

    T Code > OB37

    Assign Company Code to Fiscal Year Variant Configuration Steps:-
    Step 1:-

    Type SPRO in the Command Field of the SAP Easy Access Menu Screen and press enter key on the Keyboard.

    Step 2:-

    Click SAP Reference IMG Icon,

    Step 3:- In

    In the next screen, follow the Path Assign Company Code to Fiscal Year Variant.

    Step 4:–

    Click Position

    Step 5:-

    After selecting a position, update the company code and press enter.

    Step 6:–

    In the next screen, Update the fiscal year variant field for the required Company Code and Press enter on the keyboard.

    Step 7:-

    Click the Save icon located at the upper left corner of the screen to save the updated data.

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