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    Define Access Sequence in SAP for GST

    How to define access sequence in SAP

    You can create access sequence in SAP by using the following navigation method:

    IMG Path:

    SPRO > IMG > Financial Accounting > Financial Accounting Global Settings > Tax on Sales / Purchases > Basic Settings > Define access sequence

    Transaction code:


    Create Access Sequence in SAP using New Entries function
    Step 1)

    Execute transaction code “OBQ2” in SAP commend field.

    Step 2)

    From the screen, change view “access sequences” overview screen – choose the option new entries to create the new access sequence in SAP for GST.

    Step 3)

    On new entries screen, update the following details

    • AS:

      Enter the new access sequence key to be created in SAP

    • Description:

      Enter the description of new access sequence key in SAP

    • After entering the access sequences key and description, press enter to continue.
    Step 4)

    Choose new entries to define new access number for JGST

    Step 5)

    On new entries, enter the following details

    • No: Enter the number for access sequences
    • TAB: Enter the condition table from the drop down list, choose 003 (Tax Classification)
    • Exclusive: Choose the inclusive or exclusive option. Uncheck the option for inclusive condition value determination based on country and tax codes.

    Choose save icon and save the configured details.

    Create Access Sequences in SAP using copy as function
    Step 1)

    On change view “Access Sequences overview, screen, choose the default access sequence key JTAX and click on copy as option.

    Step 2)

    Update the access sequence and description details as per requirements and press enter to continue.

    Step 3)

    Click on copy all option to get copied from JTAX to ZGST.

    Step 4 )

    Choose the access sequence ZGST and click on the option Accesses.

    Click on new entries button to add the table 3 for condition value determination based on country and tax code.

    Now click on save icon and press enter to continue to release the field & save the configured Access Sequence for GST in SAP.

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