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    Chart of Accounts in FICO

    How to Create New Chart of Accounts in SAP
    Definition of Chart of Accounts:-

    The chart of accounts in SAP (COA) is a list of GL accounts master records that are used by the organization. The master chart of accounts must be assigned to each company code. Chart of Accounts is defined at the client level.

    Types of Chart of Accounts:-
    • Operating chart of Accounts
    • Country-Specific chart of Accounts
    • Group Chart of Accounts
    Operating chart of accounts:-

    The operating chart of accounts in sap contains the G/L accounts that use for posting in company code for daily activities and used in both financial accounting and cost accounting. You have to assign an operating chart of accounts to a company code.

    Country-Specific chart of Accounts:-

    The country-specific chart of accounts in sap contains the G/L accounts needed to meet the country’s legal requirements. Country-specific charts of accounts are assigned to company codes, and this is optional.

    Group Chart of Accounts:-

    The Group chart of accounts in sap contains the G/L accounts used by the entire corporate group, and this COA is used to consolidate the reports for the entire corporate group.

    We can use the following methods to create a new chart of accounts in SAP
    1. Transaction Code:–


    2. SAP Menu Path:-

      IMG –> Financial Accounting –> General Ledger Accounting –> G/L Accounts –> Master Data –> Preparations –> Edit Chart of Accounts List

    Chart of Accounts in sap Configuration Steps:-
    Step 1:-

    Enter the Transaction code SPRO in the SAP command field to get the Implementation Guide.

    Step 2:-

    Click on SAP Reference IMG

    Step 3:-

    Navigate the below Path and click on Edit Chart of Accounts List to create a new Chart of Accounts.

    Step 4:-

    The Existing Chart of Accounts that are already created are displayed below; click on the New entries button to create a new Chart of Accounts in SAP.

    Step 5:-

    Update the required data in the new entries screen.

    1. Chart of Accounts:-

      Enter the 4 digits alphanumeric code of the Chart of Accounts

    2. Description:-

      Enter the Description of the Chart of Accounts

    3. Maintain Language:-

      Select the language of the Chart of Accounts

    4. Length of G/L Account Number:-

      Update the length of Gl Account Number

    5. Integration:-

      We can have controlling Integration Manual creation of cost of elements or Automatic creation of cost of elements. It is advisable to have Manual creation of elements in SAP

    6. Consolidation:-

      Enter the Group Chart of accounts for the consolidation of Reports.

    7. Status:-

      Under status, Deselect the Blocked Check box.

    After updating the required data, click on the save icon, you will get the message “Data was saved”

    Thus Chart of Accounts in SAP ADAR was created.

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