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    ASAP, accelerated SAP implementation methodology is a proven and successful methodology in implementation of SAP projects.

    Steps and phases involved in ASAP implementation methodology
    1. Project Preparation
    2. Business Blueprint
    3. Realization
    4. Final Preparation
    5. Go Live & Support
    Phase1: Project Preparation

    This is the first phase on any project under ASAP methodology, this will begin building up a core project team to go through whole implementation process.

    In this phase the team goes through initial planning and preparation for SAP project implementation, this phase includes:

    • Defining project goals and objectives.
    • Clarifying the scope of implementation.
    • Defining project schedule, budget plan, and implementation sequence.
    • Establishing the project organization and relevant committees, and assigning resources.
    Phase2: Business blue print

    This is the second of a project under ASAP methodology, this is the detailed formula of the implementation of the project. The main objective of this phase is to achieve common understanding of how the company intend to run SAP software.

    The project goals and objectives will be set in this phase.

    This phase also involves man power, training needs etc.

    Phase3: Realization

    This is the third phase in ASAP, the purpose of this phase is to implement all the business process requirements based on blue print.

    In this level, the project team should have activities as follow, unit test; integration test; RICEF(Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, Enhancements and Forms) developments, data cleaning, preparation, collection, validation and testing; train the trainer, such as process owner and super users. The project should develop end user training in accordance with the end user training strategy.

    Phase4: Final Preparation

    In the forth phase in ASAP, Final Preparation, it will complete the final preparation which include testing, end user testing, system management and cut over activities, to finalize the readiness to go live. In addition, this step will resolve all critical open issues, on successful completion in the live SAP system.

    Phase5: Go Live & Support

    The purpose of this phase is to move from a project-oriented, pre-production environment(Development environment) to live production operation. The most important elements include setting up production support, monitoring system transactions, and optimizing overall system performance.

    The project team will integrate new organizational chart and job profile information performance management system. In addition, the help desk(support desk) will support end user. The important issue after implementation is to review system processes and continuous improvement which means the core team will design high level structure, job hierarchy, role, responsibilities and performance metrics for post implementation support personal.

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