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    ABAP Development end to end process in Companies

    Typically ABAP Developers involved in Realization, Final Preparation and Go live & Support phases in ASAP methodologies of SAP.

    ABAP Consultant role in Realization phase

    ABAP consultants plays main role in Realization phase as real development starts here, in this phase along with ABAP consultants Functional Consultants, Data Migration consultants and Basis Consultants are involved.

    ABAP Development flow in project implementation

    Functional consultants gather business requirements from business users.


    With the gathered requirement, functional consultants do some functionality analysis and prepare Functional Specification.


    Functional Consultant send the designed functional specification to Project Manager (generally in small projects, where project manager acts as lead) or Team Lead.


    PM/Teal Lead will assign the requirement to ABAP consultant by sending the Functional Specification.


    ABAP consultants designs Technical Specification(Each company/project has their own template) based on the Functional Specification.


    ABAP consultant sends(explains) the Technical Specification to Team Lead/Review Team to get approval.


    Once get approval ABAP consultant starts developing ABAP/Web Dynpro/BSP application.


    Once development is completed, ABAP consultant will do some Unit Testing(Testing the application by ABAP consultant) and send it to Functional Consultants and they will send it to Testing Team.


    Testers will test the application, if found any issues/bugs send them to ABAP consultants, ABAP consultant fixes the bugs, this process continues till no bugs found.


    Once testing is completed, Functional consultants will send application to End Users (Actual business users), they will test the application, if any issues found raise CR(Change Request)/Bugs, ABAP consultant will fix them.


    Once End User testing is completed, they will give UAT(User Acceptance Testing) sign off (means application can be moved to production ).


    The entire development moved to production on specific planned day.


    ABAP consultant provides production support for the application for some time (ex: 3 months)

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