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    Salesforce service cloud is a component of Salesforce. In previous years or in past the taking support of any service was time consuming and inconvenient. 81% of customers would prefer self-service rather than dealing with a service which is difficult process.

    Salesforce service cloud

    Even it is difficult for the agent to know the customers requirement and fulfil their need and manage relationship with them. As there was no centralized solution in place.

    Suppose a customer shopping in web-based store. She browsed for a while and chooses a dress. But that customer can’t decide upon the size, so she used live chat to ask for help. Help comes in a minute, a sales assistant consults customer on the size chart and guides. Customer is pleasantly surprised with a prompt and professional customer service; she completes the purchase and leaves. Two weeks later, customer gets an email from the store giving her early access to a new collection. She wants to purchase that dress but worries if she gets order in time on her friend’s birthday. Then a sales assistant from the live chat informs her about a fast delivery option and asks if the dress she bought last time fits well. Customer is impressed by great response from sales assistant. Then customer goes back to store and again place order.

    So, customer needs this type of response or this kind of service.

    Customer needs-:

    Salesforce service cloud

    In case of integrated CRM system in the business, Agents get a 360 degree picture of each customer. When all pieces of customer information personal details (like name, age, email and phone), purchasing history, interactions with customer support and reaction to promotions get centralized, Agents can use this comprehensive customer profile to personalize sales.

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    As today customers are moving to cloud to search engine like google, to social media communities like twitter, Facebook and to the self-service Communities where customers can find experts and get their query resolved faster. These all things are become commonplace for customer service. Now customer experience is more important than price and this amazing customer service can be achieved using Salesforce service cloud on techchannel customer chooses.

    Let’s now look at what is Salesforce Service Cloud-:

    Salesforce service cloud is the world’s best customer service solution. It is built on SaaS model and it provides more effective and productive customer service on cloud. With service cloud, companies can scale their operations quickly and easily to meet their current as well as future service requirements. The Salesforce service cloud enhances an organization’s customer service with in-app support, live agent support, knowledge centers, self-service communities and social media.

    Salesforce service cloud

    The key benefits of Service Cloud are:

    1. Improved customer satisfaction
    2. Better Agent Productivity
    3. Decreased maintenance Budget
    4. Integration to Platform Ecosystem

    Now look at the features that make service cloud a complete package for Customer Service Solution;

    1. Lightning console, it unifies the agent experiences and provides all the information from customer profiles, case histories, to dashboards.
    2. Live Agent allows a customer to connect to a Service agent via the web in real time while providing multilingual support – this allows a real time 1:1 chat instantly from any device. Chats can be quickly routed to subject matter experts.
    3. Service cloud cases can be managed from anywhere. It allows Field-service agents to solve the case on the ego and managers and executives can monitor real-time metrics with the Service Cloud mobile app.
    4. Communities give the customer a place to find the answers required more quickly from anywhere at any time. This provides the agents and the customers, tools for greater engagement and faster problem solving.
    5. With knowledge base embedded into the agent console, agents can easily find access and deliver the right answers to the customers. It also allows the agent to share the knowledge to any other channel or device and also helps the agent to contribute themselves to the knowledge base.
    6. Service wave analytics is the first app to bring the power of wave analytics to service cloud. It allows every service manager to quickly check on case management, agent efficiency and channel optimization from anywhere.
    7. SOS helps to go beyond traditional support channels with live agent video support, screen sharing, two-way audio and on-screen annotation in any mobile app to provide engaging service experience to the customers.
    8. Social Customer Service helps to deliver social customer service that scales. This equips the customer service team with tools to create and handle cases on social media channel like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
    9. Omni Channel enables automatic routing of work items to the most appropriate and available agent.
    Salesforce service cloud
    Now let’s see the “Use Case” based on Salesforce service cloud-:

    This use case will give you an idea on how service cloud can be used extensively across any domain.

    ‘US bank’

    At US Bank customer relationship management (CRM) is served for wealth and small business banking around Salesforce, ramping up the user base from 2,000 to 15,000 staff members. Earlier US Bank was facing several issues while managing their customers. Some of them are-:

    1. Customer records were manually kept or digitally housed within one business unit.
    2. Customer trust was only being built within individual business units, despite the fact that a customer might do business with multiple divisions such as banking, mortgage, investment, or payments.
    3. Their old system relied on separate databases that required individual updates and hardware that required constant upgrades.
    4. With the Salesforce Service Cloud, they could effectively understand customer needs and cater to them in a holistic manner.
    5. Able to build real-time 360-degree view of its clients to deliver smarter, more predictive service.
    6. With predictive insight and recommended next best actions powered by Einstein, U.S Bank sales representations are more productive and are able to deliver more impactful friction less customer experiences.
    Salesforce Service Cloud
    Salesforce service cloud

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