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    Salesforce CRM

    Salesforce is CRM (customer relationship management) application. It is system that helps you manage relationships and interactions with prospects and customers. In Salesforce you keep track of prospects, sales and customers with Leads, opportunities, Accounts and contacts.

    Salesforce CRM

    As you follow the prospects in Salesforce speak as you work your leads, some of them become interested in further evaluating your offerings. Once a prospect is ready to discuss potential pricing, scope, and delivery dates, you convert that lead into an opportunity, when you convert a lead; Salesforce automatically creates the corresponding Account, contact and opportunity records.

    Salesforce CRM

    The Account record stores the info about the company that you are doing business with, the contact record stores info about the stakeholder you are working with, the opportunity record stores the info about the transaction that you are working on.
    You can also have cases related to your new account. As you work with other stakeholders and pursue other business you will track those relationships and transactions by creating more contact and opportunity records associated with this same Account.

    Salesforce CRM

    So let’s understands in synchronize manner-:

    • A lead is a person who expressed some interest in your products and services.
    • Salesforce CRM
    • Opportunity is a sale that you are working on.
    • The Account record is where you track all activities between your team and the organization or company that you are selling into.

    As you get more business, your customers will need help or have questions and Salesforce makes it easy to keep your customers happy. You can keep track of questions and help requests with cases and just like opportunities and contacts; cases are also associated with an account. This way you can see all relevant sales and service data for every customer all in one place. What are Use of Leads and Opportunities and cases?

    Salesforce has amazing productivity features that help you cut busy work, stay on top of your deals, follow up with prospects faster, delight your customers with personalized service, and make sure that nothing ever falls through the cracks. Using leads, opportunities, and Cases is that you can make informed decisions about your business.

    Salesforce CRM

    You can get more out of your marketing dollars and target better prospects when you know how well different kinds of Leads convert into opportunities. You can make better decisions on staffing and training your service team when you know what kind of support requests you get and how much time and effort they take to resolve. With Salesforce you can easily manage your relationships with prospects and customers.

    Benefits of Salesforce
    1. Most important fact is it gives the business unfair edge but it does that-:
    2. It is because Salesforce allows you to concentrate on your business because everything is done by the Salesforce customer support.
    3. You don’t need any hardware and software Salesforce manages everything by its platform.
    4. Salesforce only concentrate on the business requirements not on how to build and why to build. It focuses on innovation.
    5. It provides https platform and SSL layers and secure data which reduce data loss.
    6. You will find prebuilt application found in app exchange and often need Salesforce as a platform. Platform application is sometimes 100 percent built on Salesforce platform itself so nativity is maintained.
    7. It has complete CRM solution in which everything works on one platform.

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