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    SALESFORCE CRM (customer relationship management)

    In traditional IT system if you want to implement your own business that you should require a soft face to install that you should require service to setup you should be clear about security architecture and invest all those things it require more capital to invest.

    If you are individual and you want to start a business then you require a software, security, and infrastructure. If you want to do investment in all those things is not possible. If there is some other people who want to implement same business process here. Salesforce is going to provide all those software’s, security and infrastructure, all these are to be profitable sales was in the form of a services. They are going to provide in the form of a services used by different business starters.

    It means here Salesforce sells sales for CRM application to the business individuals not only sell in the sense for CRM, here is going to sell the platform. Thing is just to subscribe Salesforce and need to pay for Salesforce team and from there you can login it and connect to your customers.

    So, in CRM any business individual those who are going to connect customer easily, want to get information of the customers, want to chart with customer, want to send emails to the customer, want to provide proper service to the customer then there are going to use the Customer Relationship Management. It is involved with the Salesforce here.

    If Salesforce is implemented with the CRM, it is very helpful for business individuals. As here Salesforce CRM contains number of products like sales cloud, Service cloud, Marketing cloud, ecommerce community, so there are different products provided by Salesforce containing different functionalities and features. These features are used by the business.

    CRM is combination of strategies and technologies to manage and analyze its customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle which including the both the current and upcoming potential customers who up their tendency and buy their products and keep on in a loyality manner. So to focus on customer relationship and ultimately to driving the sales growth use CRM type of application.

    SALESFORCE CRM (customer relationship management)

    The basic of this method is to keep the customers happy by giving them updated notes about the sales product and provide the service. It affects in such a manner so that customers in loyality towards the company.

    So few of the things drive this application-:

    1. Customer need to know about the product for which you have to use-
    2. – Marketing Cloud

      If customer is through the social media like email etc. and customer is ready to pay the amount then it will go from discover phase to purchasing phase so, all this comes under the customer lifecycle. Then customer buy by paying the amount and record is saved.

    3. Now customer use the service or product, so there may be any issue.
    4. – As Sales cloud consist the purchasing, billing and paying.

      Now further when you are facing some issue then you will go to customer service.

    5. To provide accurate kind of service it comes under Service Cloud.
    6. In Community cloud- as you see multiple communities like MI Community, One plus Community, Facebook Community so what it does it connects different customers at a same platform so that people can share their documents or share their experience in a one platform which comes under community cloud.
    7. So all the clouds i.e. marketing cloud, sales cloud, service cloud, community cloud, healthcare cloud and FSC cloud comes under CRM. Such combination of all these clouds

      makes whole application as a CRM application. So basic agenda of CRM or CRM application is to keep the customer connected towards the environment and keep on focusing on growth of the company.

      So use of CRM application is to keep record of everyone so that how the employees are working, how services are providing to the customers and customers behaviour.

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    Interaction in CRM includes-:

    – Customers which buy the product pay the amount and take the services.

    – Suppliers are developers who develop the application and do the configuration and customization part.

    – Owners own the application that is providing that which product should manage and which product goes to market at what time.

    – The Employees are the basic part which is main user of this particular application (CRM or Salesforce application) who will be configuring different applications depends on its owners recommendations.

    – Other partners are those partners who want to sale their product in our application.

    – Other partners are those partners who want to sale their product in our application.

    CRM Dashboard is used which shows all information about how many customers you had in a year, how many deals, top deals etc. So it develop all the information available known as “Dashboard 360”.

    CRM companies are- Sage, oracle, iris, Agresso, blackbaud, northgate, EPICOR etc. which provide CRM applications.

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