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    Salesforce- CLOUD COMPUTING

    Before going to Salesforce you need to know about cloud computing. Salesforce is hosted on the top of cloud.

    Salesforce is checked as-:

    Salesforce- CLOUD COMPUTING

    Now let’s know about Cloud Computing-:

    Cloud Computing means that instead of all of the computer software hardware you are using on the desktop or somewhere inside your companies network it is provided for you as the salaries by another company. It is basically a centralised system where software, database and coding everything are provided in a remote system by company who provided you the service. Also it increases the processing power and artificial intelligence process over the internet using PC or Mobile.

    Salesforce- CLOUD COMPUTING

    When you use the computing power which is on the remote system rather than other desktop, you need to pay amount so that’s why it called with subscription plans.

    Cloud computing advantages are-:

    1. Managed-:

      When you are going with any kind of system it need to be managed, secure it from virus attacks and need to enhance the database if it is required. It is considerably known as maintenance. But when any subscription of cloud provided by any other company then it is part of an agreement provides you maintenance part amongst the database if it is required and complete system from virus attacks.

    2. On Demand-:

      Most of the times in PC or Desktop, user download allot of software just to use it for an enhance purpose which is required in our software application development. On-Demand process reduces the cost, rectifying the unwanted software hardware needs.

    3. Public and private-:

      Similarly when we create application on top of cloud it may be for private user or for public user. So, it might not need application to be given on the public sides and it should be restricted from accessible for everyone and in other cases applications it should access publically i.e. to each and everyone.

    1. Resource Pooling
    2. On-Demand Self-Service
    3. Easy Maintenance
    4. Large Network Access
    5. Availability
    6. Automatic System
    7. Economical
    8. Security
    9. Pay as you Go
    10. Measured service

    Cloud Computing system is divided into three parameters-:

    1. IAAS-:

      Infrastructure as a service.

      It allows the client to remotely use infrastructures, hardware or software resources on way as you go. In this virtualization concept is required.

      The company provides a system where in virtualization there will be a dummy desktop. In which there are different components available like database, model manager etc as follows-:

      Salesforce- CLOUD COMPUTING

      Moreover company provides the security as well as the network segments. It is more favourable to those who started company at very low scale because it helps to reducing the cost.

    2. PAAS-:

      Platform as a service

      It works in such a manner, it builds running custom application. So, here you can create your own application, work with specific software’s available and its specific storage.

      So, it will code and deploy. So, the platform is already there so you no need to setup the platform as you have already done in the IAAS. So, there you have the agility to choose the operating system as well as the database. But here the database and operating system has previously being selected. PAAS provides allot of options for selecting a code also, but here you develop your code, deploys and hosts on the same platform so that users can access it. Example is same – Salesforce.com. Salesforce.com provides a different framework using apex which is similar to Java coding. APEX takes care of backend and database provide by the Salesforce, where the lightening component as the UL segments. At the top of cloud you can test and deploy the applications and maintain it in an integrated environment. So as the outcomes of PAAS, it provides you the operating system, programming language, execution environment, and database. Examples like AWS, Windows Azure, force.com, Google App engine, real time applications like Facebook, buddy type etc.

    3. SAAS-

      Software as a Service

      Salesforce- CLOUD COMPUTING

      As Salesforce provide different cloud software as a service like Sales cloud, service cloud.

      Clouds like you have Service cloud, Marketing cloud, Community cloud, Sales cloud etc. Also you can create your own application. When you go for Software as a Service it provides the ability to use the software directly on the remote system i.e. you can use the software by service provider by login the system. If you talk about software on demand. Client can access such kind of application from anywhere and any device which has the simple feature of opening and closing the browser.

      So the advantages of using SAAS instead creating own application-: So as whole software is managed by the company itself so by using SAAS it reduces the cost as well as you don’t have to hire allot of resources to work on such kind of application. Also it reduces the time of the software development. Example like-: Google Apps, Microsoft services and Salesforce.com.

      So as you all know first there was traditional way of development of application then the steps are revised by IAAS, SAAS and PAAS as follows-:

    Salesforce- CLOUD COMPUTING
    • If see the networking part so whenever you create a application, first you have to take care of the networking but in case of Cloud Computing the networking takes care by the service provider as well as the storage and servers. So, these are the basic features which were provided by the Salesforce.
    • Now the servers are required where you hit any type of web services.
    • Virtualization is a way from where you can login system to any other remote system.
    • When you come for operating system, IAAS doesn’t provide any kind of operating system whereas PAAS and SAAS provide the operating system also middleware and runtime.
    • SAAS only consist the data so here it directly interacts with customer data. So, when customer creates or deletes the data, and which is get recorded in SAAS, but in IAAS and PAAS it doesn’t provide by service provider.
    • As in PAAS complete is owned by it but in SAAS service provider also wants the data.

    Following are the few examples-:

    Salesforce- CLOUD COMPUTING

    Now have a look how Salesforce work with SAAS and PAAS-:

    First Salesforce provides the storage and then Salesforce provides the API’s and at development platform provide force.com. On top of platform with force.com provide Platform as a Service with more different components.

    On the top there are sales service marketing community (software applications provided by Salesforce) which go for configuration and customization as all synchronization order shown in diagram.

    Salesforce- CLOUD COMPUTING

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