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    Salesforce Agenda

    • Salesforce is to give your business unfair edge. Salesforce allows you to concentrate on your business because everything is done by Salesforce customer support. It favours the maintenance in much better way.
    • Salesforce focuses to innovation i.e. invest in innovation, not in infrastructure. You just have to focus on the business and its requirement. Once you connect with Salesforce, everything else is taken care by it.
    • It is most trusted cloud about data security. Because in Salesforce data or every operation is handled or managed by HTTPS platform and SSL layers. Salesforce secure the data and avoid the data loss factor.
    • It supports customization i.e. it works the way according to you as well as it is fast application development.
    • With Salesforce you can also find prebuilt application in few minutes. It is open application market place. Companies found app exchange often needs Salesforce as their platform. Platform application is sometime 100% built on Salesforce platform.
    • While you create CRM Solution, CRM solution is complete package, it works with Sales cloud, service cloud, their marketing, collaboration, security and analytics, everything under one place. It works on single platform where everything works together. You can connect with your partners as well as customers, products at one place.
    • With Salesforce customer success matters the most. It helps to get more than fair amount of customers at one place. You can be a strategic partner. You can bring more and more business to your customers and these customers can connect through CRM platform.
    1. It improves the quality of customer data and help in management of data in more effective way.
    2. It provides improved customer service and it supports even after the product is being sold.
    3. It helps in acquiring new customers and there is very increased efficiency of marketing campaigns. You can create campaigns through email marketing, roadshows, conferences and various other modes of your choice and later on you can also analyze effectively that how much was spent out.
    4. It also enhanced cross-selling and up-selling opportunities while cross selling refers to selling another product along with what you had desired for and up-selling refers to sell higher value product when you want to purchase something of lower-value.
    5. It also helps to reduce costs associated with sales, service as well as marketing. Since everything built from one platform you need not navigate from one to another thereby it reduces human effort at same time.
    6. It is scalable according to business size changes so if you are growing you can also increase as per your requirement.
    7. It increases customer satisfaction, loyality as well as Retention. Customer feels more and more connected to the company.
    8. It helps to improve the mobility of your business, since now everything is accessible over wide range of devices and you can always switch to one to another. You can access you data anywhere and anytime and it also helps to increase your profit margin.

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