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    Metadata in Salesforce

    Metadata is core part of our platform that really allows customize applications within Salesforce platform. It allows to build customize apps and allows you to move those changes between environments you are working on. If you spend any time working with Salesforce then you will come to know that you really drive home the value proposition of automation, Automation for storage control for continuous integration, for continuous delivery. Basically everything is under the application lifecycle management process.

    Metadata in Salesforce

    In order to automation to work our metadata needs to be supported through our metadata exposure channels which are the tools and the API’s that provided ability to move metadata.

    Metadata in Salesforce

    If metadata is not supported through any of these channels, the automation flows will break and may be you have encountered some of these issues. Maybe you have got changes that you have made within the setup UI. You have customized an organization you want to then move that change programmatically between environments.

    Then come to find out that piece of customization is not supported in the metadata API and therefore you can’t use the change sets, you can’t use metadata API, you can’t push those changes into a scratch org that is because you have gaps within our metadata API that automation from happening. So, you have been focused on initiative to close those gaps and so the thing is how you are doing toward that process, you have been focusing on core Salesforce TX channels namely the metadata API your source tracking capabilities within scratch orgs and your packaging technology. It’s able to fully automate all your development and ALM flows.

    Closing the gaps is pretty simple process that you are going through three steps-:

    1. Identify and understand what the metadata coverage is within your platform where do have gaps.
    2. Once you understand that you need to prioritize the gaps that you have found so that you can then fix them.
    Metadata in Salesforce

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