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    React v/s React Native


    React is JavaScript library used to build user interface for web applications. React is developed by Facebook implemented in 2011 but released in 2013. It is most popular JavaScript front end library support by large communities. It was become popular after asp.net. It deals with only front view, MVC or Model View Controller. In React everything is component. Component is a building block after integration of these different blocks it result in big and dynamic application. Advantage of components is, you can change any of the component without affecting rest of the application. Each time data is updated react automatically change specific component who’s state is actually changed.

    It avoids reloading of whole application and saves the time of browser.

    React JS v/s React Native

    JS stands for JavaScript and JSX stands for JavaScript XML. React extends ECMA script so the HTML and XML like text co-exist along JavaScript reacts code. This syntax code used by pre-processors like paddle to transform HTML/JSX into standard JavaScript. HTML code is embedded inside JavaScript. This make HTML easy to understand and make application robust.

    In React Virtual-DOM include node-tree that lists element and their attributes and content as objects and its properties.

    React v/s React Native

    React render found creates node tree out of react component and update this tree in response to mutation in data model caused by various action done either by user or system.

    In React there is- React rendering, service-side rendering, one way binding, simplicity etc.


    React native is cross-platform for mobile application development which uses JavaScript as a base language. React native architecture heavily relieved on JavaScript runtime environment architecture. React native is user flux architecture from Facebook. With React Native developer is just provided a UI Rendering and device access module. It is heavily dependent on third party library and modules. React Native is written once and use everywhere. It has cost efficient testing tools.

    Difference between react and react native according to different factors.

    1. Application type and usage

      React React native
      React used for Web Applications, FB, Netflix, Yahoo, Newyork Times React Native used to develop mobile applications like Instagram, FB, Bloomberg, UberEats.
    2. Setup and Bundling

      React React native
      React is a JavaScript Library in which various tools are required for setup and bundling. It comes by including all essentials which are require to build application or development
    3. Live Reload- Allows to code and see modification simultaneously.

      React React Native
      React don’t support Live Reloading React Native support live reloading
    4. Template Rendering- Both React and React Native use JSX for development of views and template.

      React React Native
      React is much better when it comes to styling templates or application UI using JSS. React Native use Native Platform API for styling.
    5. Learning Curve

      React React Native
      React is not very difficult to learn but need to code by your own to develop components React Native is very easy to learn as everything is already available in readymade manner

    React JS and Vue JS

    React Vue
    React is flexible JavaScript library for building effective and declarative user interfaces (UI). Vue is a framework written in JavaScript for developing user interfaces and single page applications.
    React is created by Facebook in 2013. React native is created by Evan in 2014.
    React is a popular framework to develop cross-platform environment. Vue provides different solutions for mobile applications.
    React Features are Scalability, Code Reusability and have rich JavaScript library. Vue is very adaptable for creating components and transition in nature.
    React adopts JSX format where HTML is written in JavaScript. Vue has a more traditional approach with single file components for HTML templates, styles, JS.
    Speed of React is normal. Vue is faster than react.
    React used by twitter, Netflix, facebook, dropbox, Microsoft, uber, paypal Vue is used by Wizz, xiomi, Adobe, Alibaba, Gitlab, euro news, grammarly


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