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    React Flux Concept

    Flux in react is separate architecture which allows topper form unidirectional data flow. It is initially used by Facebook but now flux is used by many organisations. It can be applied to multiple JavaScript frameworks including react. For implementing Flux we use redux library. So redux is a library and flux is an architecture in react not library. Flow of data from action to view

    It has 4 major components as following-:


    Action sent to dispatcher to trigger data flow that is request dispatcher to dispatch the data.


    From dispatcher data is send to store as it is central hub of the app.


    In store application states and logics held.


    As once data reach to store it will forward to store and after receiving data from store it will re-render the app

    So this is how flux is implemented to react application.

    react flux concept

    Flux is not a framework it is a pattern for building framework. It is very stable; by using flux pattern other framework can be used.

    Let’s take one example of store which export the component.

    Suppose we have “Ducat” component in which it has list containing ’ id’, ‘text’ etc. To make list dynamic lets create flux store.

    react flux concept


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