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    Flux v/s MVC

    First look at MVC model working to see the difference

    Flux v/s MVC

    User look at view give inputs to controller and it effect the model.

    Flux architecture is already explained as above.

    So look at the difference between MVC model and Flux architecture.

    MVC (Client Side) Flux
    MVC is created in 1976 It is created after few years. Its new architecture.
    It has bidirectional Flow. It has Unidirectional Flow.
    In this data binding is major concept used. In flux preference is given to events and actions.
    In MVC controllers handles the calculation that is the business logic. In Flux all calculation is done by stores.
    In this implementation is somehow synchronous. In Flux Implementation is completely asynchronous.
    It is trusted architecture used by different organisations for many projects. Flux is recently created architecture; it helps to solve complex problems which MVC don’t.
    MVC (bidirectional flow)
    Flux v/s MVC
    Flux (Unidirectional Flow)
    Flux v/s MVC

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