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    Today, React is very famous in creating applications faster and interactive. React is front view based platform which follows its own pattern. As take example of shopping cart in which you can easily add number of quantities and can remove easily so that front end working is done faster and more user interactive with React JS.


    What is React JS?

    React JS is advance developed framework to make data representation more productive and faster in which data is instantly load from database. As when you make changes to the webpage and you reload that page then usually all data was reloaded which is very long and slow process but now react avoid reloading of whole page and improves by loading only altered data elements.

    React is developed by Facebook. So, how React is so fast?

    So, start with MVC to know about React, MVC stands for model view controller. For Example you take a dataset so we treat that dataset in a model. If we have a dataset of different temperatures a very common dataset, when we represent the data for user interface in graphical structure so then you treat that representation under some view which is defined in react accordingly and then this all process of model and view is then handled by controller but this whole process take so much time which creates timing issue in today’s fast world. Binding function is then used in React in which a loop process is there which checks continuously the changes made in dataset and parallely make changes in interface view of data which also known as angular JS.

    To make all process faster, react Library is created or we can say facebook develop such framework of JavaScript by which dataset instantly cooperate with interface. So, this library also known as DOM (document object model). A virtual DOM is created by facebook with React which make changes only with altered elements with speed.

    React Version

    Now latest version of React which is almost fixed all errors with its updation is React 17, It comes around two and a half years since version 16 came, usually before 17 and after 16 version there is 16.8 version of react was also came along with many updation. React 17 don’t bring new features but allot of updation to fix all errors which are discussed further. React 17 is an insight into future of react about its planning to make it easy and more stable.

    React 17 is a stepping stone to further version that is 18, 19 and so on. It is all or nothing approach. As with upgrading code there are too many things which should be change along or should upgrade everything that is lot of depreciating of code which quite difficult but for future versions functionality is little bit changed so to see how it works that is how you can operate multiple versions at same time there is an example by react JS team.

    Easy approach is in ‘src’ folder create subfolders for legacy and modern and what you more can do is you can put in a “Package.json” into each of them and set the version want to utilize when you run scripts for npm install then automatically version is to be set there. This is how you can use different versions at a same time

    In src folder in legacy there is 16.8 versions is using in package.json but in modern folder 17RC version is feed up in package so it’s how you can use multiple versions

    • Another Updation is done with event delegation

      Before 17th version of react, issues with event delegation arrives especially when you run multiple versions, this is an issue which is fixed in 17th version and so on with future versions. Usually events were attached to the top of the document which means when you are running multiple version, this would break certain things like e-stop propagation but now visual representation is improved as what they done for new version is event listeners appear on the root node that is attached through react having number of benefits-:

      It make safer to embed react trees managed by one version, inside a tree managed by different version of react.

      E-stop propagation is used as-:

      				$ (“span”).click(function(event)
      				Event.stopPropagation ();
      				Alert (“the span element was clicked.”);
      				$ (“p”).click (function(event)
      				Alert(“the p element was clicked”);
      				$ (“div”). click (function(){
      				Alert ("the div element was clicked”);
    • Using React with Non-React code is also makes completely stable with new version.

      As before 17th version of react if application is written in jquery and you want to stop e-stop propagation with react then you can easily used react code with non-react code in new version i.e. 17 and further coming versions. There were so many issues by clients which were written in github issue detector but now those all issues are resolved in new version like breakage of some modules in application by using react codes with non-react. Now if breakage occurs then that were minor changes occur which can easily fixed in the design of application.

    • A bit more changes or updation is done in new version with event system-

      For Example- ON scroll no longer bubbles to prevent common confusions, errors that were happening.

      Other small changes are like on blur events switched to using native focus in, closely resembles how the existing behaviour of react works to provide more information and the capture phase event on the on-click capture now uses browsers real capture phase listener which doesn’t mean much to you but it benefits in the usage of react.In 17th version of react clean up function also works asynchronously, and more importantly it removes private importing.


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