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    R Studio IDE

    It is an integrated development environment, it allows us to interact with R more readily. R Studio is more user friendly and it is similar to standard R Gui. It consist many functionality or features like various drop-down menus, windows with multiple tabs, and many customization processes.

    Installation on Windows
    Step 1:

    In the first step, we visit the RStudio official site and click on Download RStudio.

    R Studio IDE
    Step 2:

    In the next step, we will select the RStudio desktop for open-source license and click on download.

    R Studio IDE
    Step 3:

    In the next step, we will select the appropriate installer. When we select the installer, our downloading of RStudion setup will start.

    R Studio IDE
    Step 4:

    In the next step, we will run our setup in the following way:

    1. Click on Next.
    2. R Studio IDE
    3. Click on Install.
    4. R Studio IDE
      R Studio IDE
    5. Click on finish.
    6. R Studio IDE
    7. RStudio is ready to work.
    8. R Studio IDE

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