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    R Installation

    While working on R Programming language we have to install two things, i.e., R and RStudio. They both work together while creating a R project.

    Downloading and Installing R from CRAN

    The Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN) is a network of websites that host the R program and that mirror the original R website. The benefit of having this network of websites is improved download speeds. For all intents and purposes, CRAN is the R website and holds downloads (including old versions of software) and documentation (e.g. manuals, FAQs). When you perform searches for R-related topics on the internet, adding CRAN (or R) to your search terms increases your results. To get started downloading R, you’ll want to perform the following steps:


    Visit the main R web page (www.r-project.org); you see a Getting Started box with a link to download R. Click that link and you are directed to select a local CRAN mirror site from which to download R.

    R Installation

    The starting page of the CRAN website appears once you have selected your preferred mirror site. This page has a Software section on the left with several links. Choose the R Binaries link to install R on your computer.

    R Installation

    You can also click the link to Packages, which contains libraries of additional routines. However, you can install these from within R so you can just ignore the Packages link for now. The Other link goes to a page that lists software available on CRAN other than the R base distribution and regular contributed extension packages. This link is also unnecessary for right now and can be ignored as well.

    Now After Download R 3.6.1 for windows setup process will start:-

    1. Select the path where we want to download the R and proceed to Next.
    2. R Installation
    3. Select all components which we want to install, and then we will proceed to Next.
    4. R Installation
    5. In the next step, we have to select either customized startup or accept the default, and then we proceed to Next.
    6. R Installation
    7. When we proceed to next, our installation of R in our system will get started:
    8. R Installation
    9. In the last, we will click on finish to successfully install R in our system.
    10. R Installation

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