Theme Customization of WordPress

Theme Customization of WordPress

Theme Customization Page

First must login it into the WordPress admin of the website then go to Appearance →Customize in addition to changing the template that you are using.


This tutorial’s customization webpage is for WordPress 3.8.1; but, the method for modifying themes in previous versions should be comparable.

Customize the Site Title

After pressing on that link, you will be sent to the Customize page, where you can see the theme that are presently using with the right side of the screen as well as the vertically customizing menu on the left.

However, if you have any customized installed themes, the editing choices on that page may be greater than what is explained in this guide. Of course, this instruction assumes that you are using one of the basic themes included with the original installation of WordPress.

The left vertical menu’s adjustable elements for the theme are about as follows:

  • The design description for such design whose look you are modifying is displayed when you are evaluating. We will modify the “Twenty Fourteen” theme’s default settings in this tutorial.
  • Site Tittle & Tagline –

This part offers alternatives for setting up the Site Tittle and the Tagline separately for you to take into consideration. We shall configure them with illustrative settings for the tutorial’s purposes. Naturally, you need also make sure that Display Site Tittle & Tagline is checked if you want this text to be visible.

Customize the Site Title

The website title in the right theme previewing area of this page will immediately reflect these changes.

site title
  • Colors –

    You must be able to see that the title color has modified on the upper templates previewing area of this page for test the modifications you just performed.

You may modify the website’s background picture in this area. You will be given the option to add pictures to be used as backgrounds if you haven’t already done so in the media files.

  • Background Repeat –

    Use this option if you want the background picture to repeat. This is typically used for photos with patterns that, when repeated, provide a pleasing backdrop.

  • Background Position

    The exact location of the backdrop picture is referred to as the “background position.” Please take note that this will only be relevant if the preceding repeating option’s “No Repeat” option is chosen.

  • Backdrop Attachment – Use this option, for instance, if you want your background to stay in focus when you scroll down the page.

However, when you already have photographs posted, you can just click the Uploaded images tab, which is immediately next to the Upload New tab. You can choose one of the pictures you’ve previously published to your website there.

You will be given backdrop choices when you choose the image, which you must also set up:

  • Static Front Page –

    Whenever anyone visits your website, the home page is changed using this area. The Home Page of the website features a list of all of your most recent posts by default following a fresh WordPress installation (without any style modifications being made). By using this option, you can, for instance, select a static page (sometimes referred to as a splash page) where you can provide a welcome message for people who are visiting your home page. Simply choose “A static page” and then pick one of your current pages to effortlessly accomplish it.


Configure Featured Content

The featured information you want to appear on your website is defined in this area. The following settings will let you customize your website’s prominent content.

    • Layout –

      The way the featured information is actually organized. Grid and Slider are the options that are accessible here.

    • Tag Name –

      The name of the tag that will be used to obtain the featured components. For instance, all of the articles that you want to be highlighted should include the tag “featured” in their list of tags.

    • Don’t display tag on front end –

      If this option is selected, your front page will not show the real tags for your articles.


When all these variables are set up correctly, you can create a stunning theme configuration that will give your website a distinctive appearance.

Q1. How do I completely customize my WordPress theme?

In our WordPress dashboard, go to Appearance > Customize to view the Customizer. Once inside, the Customizer would show all parts of the style that you may modify on the left side, and a real-time preview of the changes will be displayed on the right.

Q2. How do I customize my WordPress theme 2021?

Download the zip version from GitHub. Upload the packages to the development environment through SFTP or the WordPress dashboard. Navigate to Style→ Themes and click the Enable button on the display picture of the theme. To customize Twenty Twenty-One, go to Appearance →Customize.

Q3. How can I customize my website theme?

Login in to the country’s controller and navigate to Websites > Theme to build a customized web theme. Most public themes will be displayed as thumbnails. Inside the theme gallery, users can also explore all free public themes. By clicking a thumbnail, you may quickly modify the appearance of your website.

Q4. Which WordPress theme is the most customizable?

Composer is one of the most adjustable WordPress themes, with 200+ layout choices and 90+ website demos. It also includes 10+ ready-to-use headers and lets users to insert several widgets into the sidebar, pages, or articles.

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