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    WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

    WordPress powers both websites. The only distinction is in “who is hosting our website.”


    On WordPress.com, there is nothing that need to do. The entire development process will be managed internally. We don’t need to invest for hosting, manage a web server, or buy software.

    This website has some restrictions. For instance, users cannot add any themes or plugins, change the coding of the website, or change the default inclusion of wordpress.com in our domain name. Our website will always be free, but you can upgrade it to add extra features for a fee.

    We can use a custom domain with upgrades, just as though you can use any other name for the domain. Additional updating improves the site’s design and lets users publish movies and photographs, among other things.

    Due to WordPress security, our website will be safe and free of spam. We merely need to join up, pick a blog name, and concentrate on the content.

    Everyone prefers this site, but primarily bloggers, photographers, artists, etc.


    We need to run our own blog or website on WordPress.org. Installing WordPress for free on any web server is possible.

    It provides total independence and control over our website, including the WordPress application. The majority of WordPress showcase websites were created using self-hosting.

    Additionally, it gives the user all responsibility for the website along with full control. Everything, from technical challenges to security concerns, must be controlled by the user themselves.

    The Differences between WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

    1. Pricing

      WordPress.org Pricing:

      Since WordPress.org is an open-source platform, as was previously said, downloading and installing it are totally free. Additionally, you can upgrade your WordPress.org website without having to worry about paying any monthly or yearly costs.

      Although the platform is free, you will still need to pay for hosting, a domain name, and an SSL certificate.

      WordPress.com Pricing

      WordPress.com, on the other hand, gives its users a premium account business model. Depending on the plan we are on, it offers various pricing categories with extra features.

    2. Help & Support

      WordPress.org Support

      We are expected to install and build the website on our own using the published instructions if we choose to use the WordPress.org version, which is a free and open-source website solution. This can help us keep costs down, but it also implies that clients may not receive specialized support when using the product. For its users, WordPress.org has a wealth of accessible documentation.

      WordPress.com Support

      On its free plan, WordPress.com does not provide any specialized help. The knowledge must be independently discovered from online documentation, user-created FAQs, or discussion boards in the community.

    3. Ease of Use

      The use of WordPress.org and WordPress.com both calls for a certain amount of technological expertise. This is especially true for the former because it offers customers the opportunity to modify their websites by delving deeper into the underlying code. You can completely build a brand-new website from zero to meet your primary business objectives if you have coding knowledge or with the assistance of a developer.

      The procedure of setting up a website with WordPress.com is substantially simpler than with the open-source version. It is a fully functional hosting solution created to provide people everything they need to start using the internet. In just a few minutes, you can quickly set up and establish a website.

    4. WordPress Themes

      WordPress.org Themes

      This WordPress version offers a sizable selection of both paid and unpaid themes that are fully responsive and cross-platform compatible. More than 9,000 themes are available in the WordPress.org marketplace right now, giving users a wide range of choices.

      WordPress.com Themes

      While there are only a few hundred themes available on WordPress.com, there are thousands more designs available on WordPress.org.

    5. WordPress Plugins

      WordPress.org Plugins

      It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to argue that WordPress.org has the most comprehensive marketplace for plugins among website builders. Its marketplace offers a wide selection of more than 59,500 free and paid plugins that you can use to improve and increase the performance of our website.

      WordPress.com Plugins

      The variety of plugin possibilities on WordPress.com is totally depending on the payment plan you are on, much like themes.

    6. WordPress Customizability

      WordPress.org Customizability

      Moreover, one of the biggest advantages of adopting this platform to expand into the digital world is that WordPress.org offers its users limitless customization options.

      All plugins, extensions, and themes might be customized in terms of code and appearance to fit the needs of our website.

      WordPress.com Customizability

      You will only be able to perform what the platform permits you to do because you are managing a WordPress.com website. The software is restricted dependent on your level of subscription.

    7. eCommerce Features


      WordPress.org was created primarily as a blogging platform and does not have any built-in eCommerce functionality.

      Installing third-party plugins like WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, WP eCommerce, Ecwid, etc. will still let you launch your online business. These WordPresseCommerce plugins act as a link that converts your WordPress website into an online store.


      You must be a member of WordPress.com’seCommerce plan, which costs $59/month if paid monthly or $45/month if paid annually, in order to sell on the platform.

    8. WordPress SEO

      When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), some eCommerce platforms are intrinsically superior, and WordPress is one of them.

      Both WordPress.com and WordPress.org offer strong SEO tools, the most well-known of which you may be familiar with being Yoast SEO. By utilizing the fantastic SEO functionalities of this plugin, you may greatly enhance your store.

    9. WordPress Blogging

      In fact, creating blogs was the initial purpose of the WordPressprogramme. With numerous essential blogging capabilities, anyone may effortlessly launch a blog website. They include post creation and scheduling, a dashboard for managing comments, a system for managing embedded photos, videos, and links, etc.


    Q1- What is different between WordPress.com and WordPress.org?

    Between WordPress.com and WordPress.org, the hosting company for your website is the main distinction. Our website is hosted by our self using WordPress.org. On the other hand, WordPress.com handles everything for you, making it simpler to get started but with less freedom.

    Q2- How to monetize a WordPress blog?

    To start selling online using WordPress.org, you’ll need to install an eCommerceWordPress plugin. WordPress monetization is only supported by the Business and eCommerce plans on WordPress.com, though.

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