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    Update and Reset Password


    The passwords will stay safe and won’t be affected if we change the one for the profile. Frequently, updating the password on a weekly or monthly basis will be sufficient to prevent profile breach.

    Here, we will demonstrate how to modify the profile’s passwords by using Profile page of the WordPress admin panel! Users must log in to the wp-admin section of the WordPress program and go to Users→Your Profile in order to view that page.

    Update and Reset Password

    Taking this step will take users to the Profile page, where we can specify a wide range of parameters for the profile. Users must go all the way to the bottom of that page to discover the New Password or Repeating New Password sections as here we discuss about changing the profile password.

    Update and Reset Password

    You just need to enter the new password in the both areas to update the existing password.


    Please create secure passwords that include letters, numbers, and unusual characters.

    When we are through entering the new password in both fields, click the Update Profile button to save the changes and replace the old password with the one you just entered.

    Update and Reset Password

    Reset Password

    Every WordPress user has experienced the situation when a previously used password is no longer valid. This often indicates that the admin user has been removed or that the password has been changed.

    We may modify the password for the admin account in one of two ways:

    • Password changes made in the admin area.
    • Password-changing with phpMyAdmin.

    Change the Password via the Admin Area

    We must already be familiar with how to log into the WordPress administration area. To enter the admin section if you aren’t already, go to the website’s home page and add “wp-admin” to the end of the URL. For example, if somehow the URL is http://example.com, the administrator area will be accessible as http://example.com/wp-admin.

    We will see the log-in interface upon having reached the admin area, assuming that you have.

    Update and Reset Password

    Users will see a link labelled “Lost the password?” directly beneath the login form for your admin section. Hurry and click it so you may be redirected to a page where you can enter your admin user’s username or email address and receive an email with the new password.

    Update and Reset Password


    The solution will be exactly the same whether users provide the admin username or the email address that you have set up for the admin user. You’ll receive a confirmation email there telling us that the password is about to be changed:

    Someone asked that the passwords for the following account be changed: Username: admin at http://example.com completely ignore this email if it was a mistake, and nothing else will happen. Visit the following address to change the password:

    By simply entering the new password twice (for verification) and clicking the Password Reset button at the bottom of the page, users may reset your password after clicking the reset link and being sent to the password reset interface:

    Update and Reset Password

    We will be sent to a successful message webpage where you may browse back to the Login screen to the admin area as soon as that the form has been submitted.

    Update and Reset Password

    This method is ideal to use if changing the password the traditional manner is not an option for you because, for example, we do not have access to the admin email account. Although, keep in mind that it will necessitate some fundamental familiarity with the WordPress database structure as well as fundamental proficiency with the phpMyAdminprogramme.

    Changing the password via the phpMyAdmin

    To examine the table structure for such database that the application uses, users must first log in to the cPanel and locate the phpMyAdmin icon.

    Update and Reset Password

    We must be able to find the database from the database list displayed in the left vertical navigation once you have accessed the phpMyAdminprogramme. The database name needs to be selected in order for the database tables to be presented in the main window of the phpMyAdmin programme.

    The “wp_users” table in the database must then be located and accessed in order for we to explore its entries.

    Users must find the row in which the entry for the username was inserted in order to update the password. Normally, this is simple to perform if you just have a few users, but if the reverse is true, users may use the phpMyAdmin Search tool to either search for the email or the username.

    Update and Reset Password

    Users will be required to modify the record that contains the login and/or password when you have located it. Simply clicking the Edit link at the start of each row will do this. Users will be forwarded to a “simple to use” interface where we may update this record.

    Update and Reset Password

    After the hit that “Go” button, the changes will take effect and you will receive a notice letting user to know the update was successful.

    Update and Reset Password


    Q1. How to find my WordPress user password?

    To view the profile screen in WordPress, click to Users >Thier Profile. The Account Management area may be found towards the bottom of the screen by scrolling down. Select “Generate Password” from the menu. The user will receive a new password, which will be generated and presented for copying.

    Q2. Why reset WordPress password?

    WordPress would deliver a password-reset link to the connected email address once the user has entered their username or email address. The user will be able to reset the password if they do not have access to that email address or if their WordPress site is unable to send an email.

    Q3. How to add a password to a WordPress site?

    Go to the post or page we want to password-protect in the Dashboard and click the “Password Protect Post or Page” button. Next, click Edit next to Accessibility in the Publishing box, and then choose Password Protected. Select a password, and click Update (or Publish if the post or page is yet to be published).

    Q4. What is the difference between change password and reset password?

    Whenever we are SURE OF THE CURRENT PASSWORD, simply update it. When you’ve made a password profiles but DO NOT KNOW the current password, simply must reset the password.

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