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    Stripe Integration in WordPress


    Various sizes of organizations may use the Stripe API suite to run their online sales. A decent, adaptable payment method is available through Stripe Checkout, and it works well on both desktop and mobile platforms.

    Install and Activate Simple Pay

    We will need to log in to the WordPress Admin Dashboard first. We will then need to go to the Plugins→Add New area.

    Stripe Integration in WordPress

    Now you must put “WP Simple Pay for Stripe” into the URL bar and click the Install Now button.

    Stripe Integration in WordPress

    Users must click the Activate Plugin link at the bottom of the deployment log when the installation procedure is complete.

    Stripe Integration in WordPress

    Configure the plugin

    Users must locate the menu button for the plugin on the main admin dashboard and navigate to it to access it.

    Stripe Integration in WordPress

    We can see that in addition to utilize the plugin to its full potential, users need four API keys under the Stripe Keys page. We will be sent to the official Stripe website when users click the Find the Stripe API keys here link.

    Stripe Integration in WordPress

    If you don’t have an account, you must click Sign Up here.

    Stripe Integration in WordPress

    Create a Stripe account right away, and when you do, make sure your password is strong.

    Stripe Integration in WordPress

    The four keys you require may be found in the API Keys area of your admin dashboard once you log in.

    Stripe Integration in WordPress

    Click the First save Changes button after pasting the API Keys into the plugin’s respective fields.

    Stripe Integration in WordPress

    The Stripe service and the plugin are now successfully linked. You must now open the Default Settings tab and complete the data fields the plugin provides:

    • Site name –

      The name of the WordPress website is the site name.

    • Money –

      The money used at the register. Utilize the ISO 3 letter code.

    • Image URL –

      A URL that opens a square representation of your company or product.

    • Checkout Button Label –

      The label of the payment button in the checkout form

    • Payment Button Label –

      The wording that appears on the checkout’s standard blue button.

    • Success Redirect URL –

      The URL to which the client will be redirected following a successful payment is known as the success redirect URL.

    • Disable Success Message –

      Check this box if you wish to redirect to a page you created yourself.

    • Failure Redirect URL –

      The URL to which the user will be sent after an unsuccessful payment.

    • Enable Billing Address –

      Selecting this option will prompt the user to provide his billing address.

    • Verify Zip –

      Checking this box verifies the card’s zip code.

    • Activate Recall –

      This will allow the user to save their credit card for later usage by adding a “Remember Me” option to the checkout form.

    • Enable Alipay –

      This option makes Alipay a valid payment method.

    • Enable Alipay Reusable –

      By selecting this option, customers who use Alipay will have reusable access to their accounts.

    • Set Locale –

      Pass a two-letter ISO 639-1 code, such as “en” for English, to choose a certain language.

    • Disable Plugin CSS –

      Ticking this box will make the plugin’s CSS inactive.

    • Always Enqueue –

      This option loads the scripts and styles for the plugin on each post and page beneficial when employing shortcodes in uncommon places like widgets.

    • Save Settings –

      When removing the plugin, the settings are saved useful for reinstalling or updating.

    Click the Save Changes button once you’ve finished configuring the parameters.

    Implement the checkout

    Let’s now employ the checkout in a real post. In WordPress, create a new post and select Text mode. We will once again design a checkout button for a product using keyboard shortcuts. The WP Simple Pay Companion is another tool you may utilize to aid with this procedure.

    Stripe Integration in WordPress

    We have added the sum of 1999, which equals $19.99, and allowed payment and shipping information.

    Stripe Integration in WordPress

    The user can click the Payment Info button and proceed after entering the necessary data.

    Stripe Integration in WordPress

    The user will need to provide his payment information here. Users will be able to use Bitcoin and Alipay if you have enabled them in the settings.

    Stripe Integration in WordPress

    When implementing custom amounts, it is preferable to delete the Label since the customer will see the number you selected for the Checkout Button Label in front of the custom amount of $19.99. If the payment was successful and the success message hasn’t been deactivated in the settings, the user will receive the default message below.

    Stripe Integration in WordPress


    Q1. Does Stripe Connect work with WordPress?

    We may accept payments in our online store thanks to the Stripe connection with WooCommerce. You must register for a Stripe account and run a WordPress website in order to accept Stripe payments with WordPress and WooCommerce.

    Q2. Does WooCommerce integration with Stripe?

    In WooCommerce, both Stripe and PayPal are supported. The Stripe and PayPal plugins are simple to set up and quickly offer two new payment options to the WooCommerce business.

    Q3. How does WooCommerce integrate Stripe payment gateway in WordPress?

    Log into the WordPress dashboard, go to the Plugins menu, and click “Add New” to begin going. Enter “WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway” in the search box and press “Search Plugins.” Once you’ve located the plugin, click “Install Now” to examine its information and begin the installation process.

    Q4. Is WooCommerce payments the same as Stripe?

    In collaboration with Stripe, WooCommerce Payments was created. This paper offers details and an overview of our collaborative process. When you register for WooCommerce Payments, Stripe asks users to confirm the personal and business data.

    Q5. Is a Stripe account free?

    Pay-as-you-go payment processing service Stripe charges flat, transaction-based costs. With Stripe, accepting card payments online costs 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction while accepting payments in person costs 2.7% plus 5 cents per transaction.There are neither monthly nor yearly fees.

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