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    Managing posts in WordPress

    New posts could be published to WordPress mostly by writing content and controlling how they appear on the website.

    Access the posts page and add a new Post

    Logging into the WordPress dashboard is obviously the first step that must do. We would need to go to Posts→Add New after logging in.


    The real functionality for posting a post must be visible when you’re on the Add New Post page.


    The below seem to be the elements of that interaction:

    • Tittle Field:

      Use these servers to enter the title you want the new post to have. Depending on how you have set up the device of the posts, this title will appear on the page where the post is located on the website.

    • Standard Text Editor:

      This is where you will enter the text that will make up your post. By clicking the “Text” titled tab in the editor’s top right corner, you may have to choose to change the post’s contents graphically or as coding.

    • Add Media –

      We could use this option to immediately upload fresh photos or videos or to add multimedia items like photographs or videos using your website’s media library.

    Configure your new Post

    Blocks from the right corner of the window are used to present the page’s subsequent components. These generally have to do with how the post is set up.

      • Publish –

        Details about posting the content is contained in this section. You will originally get the option that will save the post as a Draft when you should be generating it. Determine the status of the “Status” column in this block if you want your article to go live right away on the website.

        Additionally, the post’s accessibility could be changed. For instance, you can change the visibility of the post by clicking the Modify link next to the Accessibility choice if you want it to stay private or encrypt.

        We could plan whenever the post will be posted, of course, which is another fantastic feature of this section. The Edit link that is located next to the Publish option makes it simple to accomplish this.


    Now have always had the choice either to Transfer to Garbage or Publish your message at the bottom of this block.

      • Format-

        We can select a standard style for the article in the Format block. This essentially means that you will get to decide in which the post’s components go on the webpages where they will be presented.

      • Categories –

        We can categorize the post using this area. You have the option to manually create a new category or to use one of the already existing ones.

      • Tags –

        We may quickly identify the tags to which the post can be categorized by using the tags block. Furthermore, we have the choice to directly tag some of your website’s most popular posts.

      • Featured picture –

        We have the choice to add a featured image to the article using this block. The image will be used either on your website’s Post home page or somewhere else where the post should be fully shown.

    The development of the post is complete once you have set up all of the elements and published it.

    Edit or Delete new Posts

    The procedure for editing or deleting a post is covered in the following section of this guide. You must go to Posts→All posts in order to amend or delete a post.


    Within pivot table that is displayed in the page’s middle, users can review every post that has already been made.

    A Post can be easily edited. You merely need to hover your cursor over a post for the edit link to display. After clicking it, you will be taken to the same interface that posts are added, where you should be able to modify the post.


    Even more straightforward than modifying or making one, deleting a post. Simply click the Trash option when you are hovering over the post we want to alter to send it straight to the trash.


    You must go to the Trash area and then click over through the posting once more so that the Remove Permanently choice appears if you want to permanently remove it.



    Q1- How do I edit a post section in WordPress?

    Click on the description of a post we want to update by going to My Site Posts. By doing this, the post will open in the WordPress Editor where you may edit or add content. An Update button will appear where Publish once did after a post has been published. To publish your changes, click Update.

    Q2- How do I limit posts per page in WordPress?

    Logging onto the WordPress admin area and going to the Settings » Reading page

    should that is your first step. The quantity of the option “Blog pages show at most” must then be changed to the number of posts you wish to display. To save your settings, don’t forget to click the “Save Changes” button.

    Q3- What is the difference between a page and posts?

    In a summary, posts can be used for higher relevant content that is frequently updated, while pages are utilized for information which is static. The number of pages and posts you have can vary depending on the website.

    Q4- Where do posts go on WordPress?

    About Posts

    The modules Archives, Sections, Latest Content, and others all include posts. Additionally, posts are shown in the website’s RSS feed. In the Reading Settings, users may choose how many posts are published at once. See Front Page if you want the postings to appear somewhere else than the home page.

    Q5- Which is better for SEO pages or posts?

    Although a profession’s webpage definitely benefits from its blog postings, the contents webpages are probably more crucial for SEO. This is due to the fact that internet pages for a dentist or medical office often serve as the main informational resource for visitors.

    Q6- How do I show posts from a specific category on a page in WordPress?

    Simply add the “Latest Posts” block to the sidebar by going to the Appearance » Widgets page. The section it would by default display the most post history. You scroll down to the “Sorting & Filtering” section when editing the block settings. You may select the category from which to display posts from here.

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