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    MailChimp Widget for WordPress


    MailChimp is an Email Service Provider (ESP) that allows marketers to deliver mass emails to clients, customers, and other stakeholders.

    The software is built on three key features of email marketing:

    • Maintain subscription lists
    • Creating email campaigns; and
    • Evaluating campaign reports

    MailChimp provides simple tools for creating professional-looking email marketing.

    Register for MailChimp

    To link the MailChimp solutions to the WordPress website, users must first create an account with MailChimp. If users haven’t yet created an account, go to the MailChimp Official website and click the Sign Up Free option.

    MailChimp Widget for WordPress

    After that, enter the email address that will get a confirmation for the registration, a selected Username, and a password that meets all of the requirements for the new MailChimp account.

    When we select the Create My Account option, users will get an email confirmation at the email address you provided. Users must validate the registration before proceeding to a new page which allows user to enter the personal and corporate information. We will be taken to the MailChimp dashboard once they have logged in.

    Install and Activate the MailChimp widget

    Go to the Plugins>Add New area of the WordPress Admin dashboard to add the MailChimp Customizable plugin.

    Confirm the searches after entering mailchimp widgets in the search box. To begin the setup process, click the Install Now option.

    MailChimp Widget for WordPress

    Users must click the Enable Plugin link when the installation is finished.

    MailChimp Widget for WordPress

    Generate API Key

    The MailChimp for WP option will appear in the WordPress Dashboard after the plugin has been installed and active. Users will need to link the MailChimp plugin with the services when we click on it.

    To link the widget to your MailChimp account, users will want a working MailChimp API Key. By logging into the MailChimp account and going to the Profile>Extras, users can access the API Key generator.

    MailChimp Widget for WordPress

    To establish the API Key, click on the Create API Key button now.

    MailChimp Widget for WordPress

    This is the appearance of the Key, which is a randomly generated combination of numbers and characters.

    MailChimp Widget for WordPress

    Afterward, return to the WordPress dashboard and go to WP>MailChimp.

    MailChimp Widget for WordPress

    Choose Save Changes after pasting the API Key into the blank space.

    MailChimp Widget for WordPress

    When you successfully link the service with the widget, the grey Not Connected symbol will change to a green Connected one.

    Choose the Information to better understand widget area now. This is the configuration page where we set up the MailChimp lists that want to connect and other settings for the checkbox which will appear on the front end of the website. To enable the subscription option, we will first need to create a mailing list if you haven’t already. By clicking the Lists tab and then choosing the Create List option from the account, users may achieve that.

    MailChimp Widget for WordPress

    Once the email list has been created, go back to WordPress and choose it.

    MailChimp Widget for WordPress

    Make the widget visible

    Users must include the widget in the website’s layout in order for people to see it. Go to Appearance>Widget to accomplish that.

    MailChimp Widget for WordPress

    Now move the MailChimp Sign-Up Form to the right Sidebar menu by dragging it from the left area. Additionally, users may click the widget and then choose the Add Widget option.

    MailChimp Widget for WordPress

    Users may access the widget from the drop-down arrow after successfully moving it and change the title. After apply and save the adjustment, click Save.

    MailChimp Widget for WordPress

    Users may now input their email addresses and subscribe to your newsletters on the front end of the store.


    Q1. How canMailchimpuses with WordPress?

    It can establish a subscriber list, a continuous email marketing campaign, and more using Mailchimp, an email marketing service. Additionally, it integrates easily with WordPress, further simplifying your email marketing campaign and allowing user to interact with the audience.

    Q2. How can MailChimp landing page?

    Any page of the website may have a Mailchimp registration form embedded in it. Make the form unique to the company or pair it with deals to draw in new subscribers and increase engagement.

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