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    Integrating Google Analytics


    Google Analytics is a monitoring tool offered by Google that is frequently used to monitor website access rates and the countries from which people are accessing your site. In-depth analyses and visualizations are also provided on the accessible parts, which are often pages from your website.

    Install the Google Analytics plugin

    The service will be included utilizing a plugin that is publicly available for free. You may immediately search for the plugin using the “Google Analytics for WordPress” option under Plugins in the WordPress admin area like WordPress admin area → Plugins → Add New.

    Integrating Google Analytics

    Make sure to read our instruction carefully when installing the application if users missed it on how to add plugins to the WordPress website.

    When the plugin is installed and active, a Warning will appear at the top of your admin area. This notice advises you that the plugin has to be configured for the Analytics Profile that needs to be tracked.

    Integrating Google Analytics

    You will be sent to the plugin setup page if you click the link in the warning notice.

    Configure the Google Analytics plugin

    The Tracking ID code should be entered there before we begin customizing the module.

    Integrating Google Analytics

    Please choose “Manually input your UA code” so that the textbox above this choice is available for you to enter your Tracking ID. On the other side, you may get the tracking ID by entering into your Google Analytics admin area and going to the Tracking Info section, where a link to the Tracking Code will be there.

    Integrating Google Analytics

    You may get both the tracking code and the tracking ID at the tracking code link. Fill up the “Manually enter your UA code” area using the Tracking ID.

    Integrating Google Analytics

    We have produced a fully random code only for the instruction.

    After entering the code, proceed along to the next setting, which determines where the tracking code will be placed on your website. Google advises that the code be included inside the < body> element of your website, which is often where the website’s content is coded.

    You may easily choose the header of your website, which is where the code should be inserted, using the plugin we’ve described and utilized for this guide.

    Integrating Google Analytics

    When you’re finished, click the Update Google Analytics button to save your changes and connect Google Analytics with your website. Within 24 to 48 hours, Google Analytics will be operational and some information will be provided for you to see.


    Q1. What is Google Analytics integration?

    We can monitor customer interactions with the company across a range of platforms and settings with the Google Analytics Platform. The tools to gather, store, analyze, and report on these user interactions are made available by Google Analytics. Analytics may be gathered on both the client and server sides.

    Q2. Is Google Analytics an API?

    Computational accessibility to report data in Google Analytics is made possible by the version 4 of the Google Analytics Reporting API (Universal Analytics properties only). We can: Create personalized dashboards to show Google Analytics data using the Google Analytics Reporting API. To save time, automate complicated reporting processes.

    Q3. Why We Should Use Google Analytics?

    One of the best and most potent tools available for tracking and analyzing website traffic is Google Analytics. We can learn alot about the website’s visitors from this, including who they are, what they are searching for, and how they found you.

    Q4. What is the difference between Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics?

    The tracking tool is Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager acts as a bridge between your website and the tracking tool. Google Analytics therefore gathers, saves, and evaluates data. In the form of Tags, Google Tag Manager transmits data from your website to Google Analytics (or other tools).

    Q5. Can I integrate Google Analytics in campaign?

    Google Analytics is turned on for each campaign separately. We’ll automatically add Google Analytics configuration URL parameters to your links when you enable Google Analytics on your campaigns and automated emails.

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