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    Enable SSL certificate to website


    Regardless of the possibility that the domain already has an SSL certificate, WordPress is not set up by default to utilize one. The configuration, however, is a rather simple and straightforward process that we will be able to manage on our own if we refer toward this instructions.

    Install the SSL plugin

    Installing the plugin is the first step in setting up the website’s SSL encryption. If we login to the WordPressadmin area and go to Plugins→Add new, we can accomplish this rather quickly.

    The plugin’s name, “Really Simple SSL,” must then be entered in the search box.

    Users must click the Install Now button in order to install the plugin.

    If an SSL certificate is already present on the domain after the plugin has been installed and enabled, it will immediately enable SSL for the website. Users may either utilize the link in the plugins management or go to Settings→SSL in the admin area’s side panel to modify the plugin’s settings further.

    Configure the SSL Plugin

    There are three tabs on the recently opened settings screen. The first one is the Configuration tab, where you can check how the connection is set up. We will notice a notification here telling users to rectify the problem if the website does not have an SSL Certificate.

    The HTTP Strict Transport Security option is irrelevant. This is only one more security measure to guard against attempts to degrade the protocol. We may either purchase a premium subscription for the plugin or try putting the following code snippet in your.htaccess file if you must add the rule:

    Header set Strict-Transport-Security “max-age=31536000” env=HTTPS

    The options users can modify are shown on the following tab:

    • Stop editing the .htaccess file –

      Checking this option will prevent further alteration of the.htaccess file. If you are convinced that all of the redirection rules are accurate and do not require any tweaking, simply may proceed. Whether this option is selected and you are having problems, we can turn on debugging to see if we need to turn on.htaccess editing again. (It is advised to not check this box.)

    • Auto replace mixed content –

      When the website has both HTTPS and HTTP content types, users may encounter mixed content. By applying HTTPS rules to all HTTP material, the plugin will make sure to rectify all mixed content.

    • Configure JavaScript redirecting to SSL –

      Whenever JavaScript is not sent through HTTPS, it frequently results in mixed content issues. This choice guarantees a repair and an HTTPS redirect for JavaScript.

    • Debug –

      Enable this option to open the settings menu’s third tab. It contains the plugin’s report on problems and instructions for fixing them.

    Once you are ready configuring these settings please click the Save button.


    Q1- What is SSL certificate and how does it work?

    A file called an SSL certificate is placed on the primary server of a website. It is only a data file that includes the public key, the name of the website owner, and other details. TLS cannot encrypt a website’s traffic in the absence of an SSL certificate.

    Q2- What does enable SSL mean?

    Simply put, the additional “s” indicates that the connectivity to that website is secured and encrypted and that any data that provide is exchanged with that website in a secure manner. The technology behind the little “s” is known as SSL, or “Secure Sockets Layer.”

    Q3- What is SSL certificate for website?

    A piece of code on the web server called an SSL certificate offers security for online conversations. The SSL certificate makes it possible for a web browser to establish an encrypted connection with the secured website. It resembles the process of putting a letter in an envelopes and mailing it.

    Q4- How to view SSL certificate in Chrome?

    Or choose More Tools -> Developer Tools from the Chrome menu (). Developer Tools are available in the dropdown menu. Choose the Security Tab, which has default settings and is the second from the right. Select View Certificate next to discover all the other HTTPS/SSL details.

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