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    Menu Creation in WordPress

    It’s excellent to have a well-kept website with lots of material. However, we will also need to adapt to customers looking for particular material on the website further as we add extra content to it. A solid navigation menu can perform significantly better than the search feature, based on the website. The important thing we should pay attention to is a straightforward but efficient structure. The navigational index’s effectiveness will be reduced if it is overly complicated.

    Create a New Navigation Menu

    You must log in as an administrator and go to Appearance →Menus in the platform’s administration to use the WordPress panel building feature.

    menu creation in wordpress

    Enter a title for the menu that will help you identify it on the dashboards after you have accessed the area, and then click Create Menu.

    menu creation in wordpress

    Add and Arrange Menu Items

    There are two components to the navigation interface. All of the material, including pages, articles, whole categories, and custom links, is contained in the one from the left. Users must choose a website from the ones mentioned in this section and click the Add to Menu button in order to add it to the list.

    Additionally, many pages may be added simultaneously. Don’t worry about the order because you can move individual pages around later using drag and drop.

    menu creation in wordpress

    The objects we introduced to the menu are included in the second section, which is titled Menu Structure. This is followed by the Menu Settings:

    • Auto-add pages-

      By selecting this, new pages will also be added to the menu at random. We may add material to listings using this option. When adding information to the website in the position we want it to display, this function is helpful. Since everything would be published in order, it is also helpful for archived listings of posts.

    • Display locations –

      In this section, we can also choose where the menu will appear. Take note as depending on the theme, we may have access to extra display choices such footer or left side positions. We may also add them on your own by utilizing the widgets parameters on the admin panel.

    menu creation in wordpress

    Change Labels and Remove Menu Items

    When we simply would like to make the modification in the menus and not alter the identity of the real element, updating the description of the already constructed item can be necessary. With articles and pages, this functionality performs admirably. A page’s description in the navigation would immediately update if you modify the page’s name.

    Select the arrow next to the element we want to modify, and you’ll get more information about it. You will still be able to view the element’s previous name both during and after updating the label, it should be noted.

    menu creation in wordpress

    The very same approach may also be used to completely remove the item without altering the remainder of the navigational architecture. To delete an item from the menu, click the Remove button at the bottom of the Item section. When you are finished, don’t forget to click the Save button.

    Create a Drop-Down (sub) Menu

    You may give your website a more clearly defined and intricate structure by developing multi-level menus. Of course, when shown in horizontal lines, a drop-down arrows is added since the items must be structured to represent their hierarchy. It only takes a small amount of item movement to convert a regular index into a multi-level one.

    Drag the item you wish to parental the topic to the right and just below the subjects in the Menu Structure section. By doing this, the item will immediately become a child item or sub-item of the parental item beneath which it is located.

    menu creation in wordpress

    The ability to add sub-items of sub-items is also available, however in most themes it is only available at a few layers, if at all.

    menu creation in wordpress

    Navigation Menu to the Sidebar

    The customer experience of the website will be enhanced by adding a sidebar navigation, specifically if the pages are extensive. Users will therefore need to scroll up or down to access the headers or footer listings in those situations. However, navigating will also be considerably faster with a navigation, particularly a sticky one. Check out the WP Sticky Sidebar plugin for your sidebar’s floating capability.

    You’ll need a widget to add a menu to your sidebar, so go to Appearance → Widgets.

    menu creation in wordpress

    As from listing, users may drag a Navigation Menu item here. As an option, you may decide the area to attach the widget to by clicking on its arrow.

    menu creation in wordpress

    It is already in placed, user can give the widgets a title and choose the menu that we want to appear in the sidebar. To show the widgets on the website, save it.

    menu creation in wordpress

    The guests will now be able to see the menu widgets you developed.

    How to Delete a Menu

    Although it is simple to delete menus, users should take precautions, especially if they invested a lot of effort creating the menu in the first position. To avoid having to recreate whole menus, users should also be careful to distinguish between the remove menu and delete menu item functionalities.

    Select the menu we want to delete, then click the Delete Menu button in the Menu Architecture segment’s bottom left corner.

    menu creation in wordpress

    A confirming box will be displayed to you just in event. Click OK to start the wipe procedure if you’re certain you want to do so.

    menu creation in wordpress


    Q1. What is a navigation menu?

    A navigation bar on a webpage is a structured set of connections to other web pages, often internal sites. Most frequently found in page headers or sidebars, navigational menus enable users to rapidly reach the most important pages on a website.

    Q2. What are Menus in WordPress?


    A WordPress theme feature known as Menus, or simply Menus, enables users to construct drop – down menus using built-in Menu Editor found in the WordPress dashboard under Appearance » Menus. Template designers may enable users to construct its own customized menus by using navigation menus.

    Q3. How to style a menu in WordPress?

    Click the Display Options button on the Appearance » Menus page in your WordPress admin. When you try to modify each individual menu item after checking that option, you will notice that a new field has been created. You may now add your custom CSS to your stylesheet by using this CSS class.

    Q4. How to create a menu in WordPress 2022?

    In the 2022 WordPress theme, you must first click on the individual menu item for which you want to create a dropdown in order to create a WordPress menu dropdown. Using the “submenu” block icon, you may add the submenu.

    Q5. How to add a menu tab in WordPress?

    To start, select the “View All” option to view every page on your website. Then, after selecting the boxes next to each page you wish to include in your menu, click the ‘Add to Menu’ button. Once your pages have been uploaded, you may drag & drop them to reposition them.

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