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    Node JS Tutorial


    Node.js is used on server side. It is JS technology. For Node.js you must have good knowledge of JS as well as well understanding of server side programming. It is developed by Ryan Dahl in 2009. Its framework is based on JS and its licence is under MIT. It is open source and completely free. It’s free means you have no dues for using this and it is open source means you can customize as per your requirement. It comprises of runtime environment and library. It is server side platform. As every browser has an engine inside it and for google chrome we call it V8 Engine, so when this JS is designed, it is actually focused and based on the google chrome V8 Engine but it doesn’t mean it will not supported by any other browser, you can run this node.js code and you can make request with these node.js program servers from any other browser.

    Features of Node JS
    1. Event Driven
    2. Single Threaded
    3. Asynchronous programming
    4. No buffering

    Only one thread provided to server side and only that thread will be able to respond to multiple requests of the client, Example-: When one request will come, this thread will start responding it as there is a client one who wants to make login, it will pass username and password which is taken by this node.js thread and will be forwarded to the database server, meanwhile database is doing some background activity, this thread will take the requests for some other client that means this thread is not going to wait unless until the response is coming rather it will do things asynchronously and it will not keep on waiting for some requests or responses. It will start doing some other processing’s and you can see it is no buffering. As it is single threaded asynchronous programming when we will start applying this you will find that throughout the application there will be very less chances or no chances of buffering.

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